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In perfect harmony with nature – step inside these diverse and alluring miniature worlds

Michael Davydov crafts innovative Miniature Compositions in glass jars with materials ranging from wood to paper.

Born from the idea of tiny diverse worlds and inspired by the work of various miniaturists – designer Michael Davydov crafts one–of-a-kind innovative ‘Miniature Compositions’ in glass jars with a mélange of materials ranging from wood to paper. 

“Since my childhood, I fell in love with creativity – especially the fine arts as well as became interested and drawn towards fabricating living terrariums in glass vessels” says Davydov. 

A long way of eclectic experiments – he skillfully moved from light bulbs featuring living moss to cities made of cardboard and wood in chemical test tubes which then brilliantly led to conceptual miniature compositions in glass jars.  

© Michael Davydov

Due to practical considerations, Davydov made the switch from living materials such as soil and plants to various wood and paper materials.

With the plots of his work beautifully devoted to harmony with nature – he often utilizes imitation of vegetation and designs alluring tiny trees.

“To do this, I use various synthetic materials, acrylic, bamboo, tree bark as well as other materials – depending on the task” he adds. 

Crafted from a concrete base and covered with acrylic and paper details – his sculpture with a green mountain is an exception to his style as well as an experiment with concrete and a monolithic figure of the miniature itself.

The composition comprising a small natural landscape – a mountain from a piece of wood with a miniature forest is additionally one of his few sculptures without architecture.

Moving on – the yellow house in a jar is further his experiment of transferring miniatures into larger glass vessels.

“For me, a miniature is an opportunity to tell a lot, in a small form. 

And at some point there was not enough space for my inspiration in glass test tubes” he says. 

Lastly – the small white house on a concrete base, is part of his series of very concise sculptures, where the plot is just tiny architecture with a challenge of playing with minimalistic shapes in a very small space.

“I’ve always tried to fill every piece with something positive, however – after the outbreak of the war in Ukraine, I want my upcoming projects to be a sheer reflection of my inner concern for the fate of the Ukrainian people, for the fate of my second home” Davydov adds. 

Miniature Compositions by Michael Davydov
© Michael Davydov
Miniature Compositions by Michael Davydov
© Michael Davydov


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