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The Uninest fruit bowl keeps bananas safe with a simple hook

A strikingly simple addition to this everyday item elevates its design whilst keeping fruit fresher for longer.

It may shock you to find out that keeping your fruit in one bowl isn’t the best way to keep it fresh, that’s what the Uninest fruit bowl by Jungmo Yang.

That’s because common fruits like bananas and apples are climacteric, meaning they ripen after they’re harvested.

As climacteric fruits ripen, they emit ethylene, which can speed up the ripening of other nearby fruit and vegetables.

Uninest fruit bowl by Jungmo Yang for Seoulbund
© Jungmo Yang

To combat this problem South Korean designer Jungmo Yang created Uninest, a banana holder that uses a simple hook to keep bananas or bags away from other fruit in the tray below.

This design thinking informs the construction of the device which includes an easy screw mechanism for attaching the hook to the tray. 

© Jungmo Yang

Constructed from steel and shaped using tube bending techniques, Yang drew inspiration from a pair of antique scissors with handles formed from metal rods that had been bent into shape.

Their shape prompted the intuitive solution to ripening fruit that defines the Uninest fruit bowl, which is available in black or white.

© Jungmo Yang

Uninest fruit bowl: industrial x handicraft

This is an incredibly simple yet effective design that works to solve an everyday problem, which is arguably the best kind of design.

It’s also Jungmo Yang’s careful combination of industrial design and handicraft.

This fruit bowl is special in the way it draws inspiration from antique designs for both its shape and the manufacturing techniques that went into making it.

Uninest fruit bowl by Jungmo Yang for Seoulbund
© Jungmo Yang


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