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Design at the service of the product – Federica Biasi

Exploring materials and redesigning the classic Italian espresso cup, Federica Biasi’s design journey develops into carefully crafted products

Finishing her studies at the European Institute of Design in Milan, Federica Biasi moved to Amsterdam where she was inspired by the formal simplicity of Nordic design and the beauty of aesthetics. She went on to work with design companies such as Fratelli Guzzini and give lectures at universities IED Milano and Istituto Marangoni.

She founded her studio back in 2015 in Milan, where she has since then developed well-balanced and crafted products with astonishing aesthetics and focused on design consultancy and interior design.

Federica Biasi founded her studio in 2015 in Milan.

Who is Federica Biasi? How did the journey in design begin? 

Federica Biasi:

“I live and work in the Lambrate district in Milan, and my work includes the world of art direction for companies in the design field and product design.

I developed my first product for Fratelli Guzzini in 2015, it was a collection of tableware, and from that moment on I kept working without stopping.”

“Doing something I really enjoy helps me keep every aspect of my life positive in every way”

Why focusing on product design, design consulting, and interior design?

Federica Biasi:

“Because when I work on a design, it doesn’t really feel like work. Doing something I really enjoy helps me keep every aspect of my life positive in every way.

I also understood that in 2020 is not enough to just design products, and I was curious to understand every aspect of this sector, which is why I started doing consultancy for other companies. I always say that it is not me who chose this job, but this job has chosen me.

I have no final goal, other than to be able to work well every day, loving what I do. I would never want to have a huge studio, I want to keep a small space for product design and consultancy, but who knows what the future holds.”

“It is not me who chose this job, but this job has chosen me”

Federica Biasi:

“Surely one of the most effective methods is trend forecasting, going to fairs, reading magazines and books, looking at all the new trends in the creative sectors from design to fashion, to the cinema, etc.

To develop human-centered design and predict trends, it is necessary to study social aspects in order to better predict the market, this goes for every sector, not just design.”

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Federica Biasi - KOKORO
Federica’s studio works on product design, design consultancy, and interior design

You have created truly beautiful products and you have a strong belief in the strength of handcrafted products. When bringing a product to life, how do you choose what material, process, and techniques are good for the project? 

Federica Biasi:

“It obviously depends on the product and the brand you are working with. Certainly I prefer more “natural” colors and materials in comparison with strong colors and shapes, and even when I concentrate on an industrial product I try to create comfort for the end user in a natural way.

The best way to choose materials is to think carefully about what effect and feeling you want to transmit with your product to the people who will use it.”

Federica Biasi - kokoro office system
“In autumn you will see many new projects for sure” – Federica Biasi

You recently released the LUME Collection designed for Nespresso: what was your design process for this project like?

Federica Biasi:

“Trying to do something very simple to keep the idea of tradition intact, but at the same time designing something new, and contemporary – that was the hardest part.”

With the LUME Collection, you redesigned the classic Italian espresso cup and brought the Italian coffee culture to an international level, what was the hardest part during the design process of this collection?

Federica Biasi:

“It was not a simple process, there was a long phase of analysis and study of existing products, products of the past and techniques related to the product.

A cup family seems like a simple project when restrained to its own description, but if you are designing for one of the most important brands in the world of coffee tasting, everything must revolve around its taste and experience. Design is at the service of the product (coffee in this case).”

Federica Biasi - Nespresso
LUME collection for Nespresso

What is the next step for Federica Biasi?

Federica Biasi:

“The next step will be to work more and more with technological and industrial companies, sound design, and home automation product, while always carrying out furniture projects obviously.

For now, the next step will be to finish arranging the new studio and launch the new website and then, who knows, in autumn you will see many new projects for sure.”

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