The convergence of design and tech aesthetics displayed at Design Shenzhen

The second edition of Design Shenzhen wrapped up successfully at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center, running from March 21 to March 24, 2024.

Design Shenzhen 2024 showcased the theme “The Fusion of Design and Technology.” This four-day event attracted nearly 200 design brands from around the globe and over 120 industry leaders in fields ranging from design and technology to home furnishings and architecture.

The event featured nearly 100 engaging sharing sessions and roundtable discussions, alongside specially curated content and a variety of peripheral activities, establishing it as a premier industry exhibition in the Greater Bay Area.

Design Shenzhen 2024 _ visitors & numbers
© Design Shenzhen 2024

Attendance reached 42,461 professional visitors and design enthusiasts, affirming the event’s role as a pivotal platform for expanding design horizons and envisioning a future rich with innovation. Mr. Wang Xiaogang, the Exhibition Director of Design Shenzhen, commented on the growing recognition of the event since its debut in China the previous year. He emphasized the event’s departure from traditional exhibition formats, aiming to provide a broader platform for exhibitors to showcase their innovative concepts and creative products.

He highlighted the focus on exploring the evolving landscape where design intersects with technology and other domains, thereby expanding the design horizons and showcasing the distinct allure of the design industry globally, particularly emanating from the Greater Bay Area.

Design Shenzhen 2024 _ visitors & numbers
© Design Shenzhen 2024

This year’s Design Shenzhen highlighted several high-end design brands, offering insights into diverse application scenarios and future trajectories for technological concepts and innovative designs. Noteworthy contributions included internationally acclaimed designer Steve Leung’s collaboration with the Belgian art furniture brand SIXINCH to unveil the LAZY PANDA art exhibition, merging art with furniture and transcending traditional artisanal norms.

Additionally, the event featured cutting-edge technological showcases such as Samsung’s MICRO LED Super TV and innovative approaches to everyday items, like De’Longhi’s latest home coffee machine, which epitomizes the elegant Italian coffee lifestyle. The event also served as a forum for industry leaders to discuss the future of design, with the first day dedicated to interior design featuring renowned figures like Marcel Wanders.

© Design Shenzhen 2024

The subsequent days focused on AI-enabled innovation and the intersections of architectural design, nature, and technology, with speakers exploring how these elements can synergistically enhance urban vitality. Design Shenzhen 2024 not only delivered fresh insights but also offered a revitalizing exhibition experience, engaging attendees with unique high-quality features prepared in collaboration with emerging designers, architects, and technology brands.

This included the “WellConnect Health Technology Feature Exhibition,” which integrated cutting-edge technology products into a vibrant health experience, and the “IDEA BOX” feature, which spotlighted design concepts and facilitated discussions on the commercial value of design creativity.

© Design Shenzhen 2024

As technology continues to empower the design industry, Design Shenzhen stands at the forefront, opening doors to explore new ideas and extend the influence of design in commercialization, urban development, and the shaping of future human settlements and lifestyles.

Looking ahead, the organizers anticipate a collaborative journey toward an innovative future, eagerly awaiting the next exciting chapter of Design Shenzhen.


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