Designtech launches the first OI call on Offsite Construction

Innovators and startups, with enabling ideas and technologies, together to bring innovation to the Construction sector.

Designtech, the Technological Innovation Hub in the design sector, opens the Offsite Design Lab Call, aiming to contribute to the offsite construction system’s transformation (hybrid construction with manufacturing).

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Who is the call for?

The call is meant for Designers, Architecture and Engineering studios, Startups and Scaleups, innovative SMEs, Companies and Industrial Partners who want to build and test innovative solutions in the Offsite Construction field.

On-site Modular Autonomous Construction, Augmented Construction Processes and Off-site Construction Acceleration will be the key macro-themes faced.

The participants – last day to submit is June 12 th – will be called to give their contribution on three specific challenges:

  • re-engineer the supply chain processes to improve building’s productivity and affordability
  • help reducing the environmental and social impact
  • make rapid and personalized design efficient
Designtech _ Call for Offsite Construction
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OI call on Offsite Construction: what type of opportunity?

This call represents a real opportunity to be exposed to an audience of leading players in the construction industry offering access to a potential pipeline of real estate projects and significant urban regeneration initiatives, beginning with the Designtech’s CoFactory project.

This is an open urban factory where hybrid spaces supporting prototyping and digital
activities will coexist in symbiosis to residents’ offices (deep tech startups and scaleups, self-produced designers and makers). 

© Designtech

The CoFactory will be a catalyst of cultural and creative innovation for the city, configuring a unique light industrial innovation hub for the design ecosystem.

For further details you can visit the official website for this call or you can contact the team at


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