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This tubular sofa features a built-in personal massaging block

Ready to relax? Korean designers Su Yeon and Dong Hyeon have designed the Dong Dong concept seating solution with an integrated massaging device.

Illustrated here in bright yellow, the project intends to create a positive impact in people’s daily lives by building on the traditional comfort associated with sofas.

That’s because the Ding Dong sofa features an integrated massager, which users can simply remove and use whenever they want.

Ding Dong by Dong hyeon Yoo
© Dong hyeon Yoo

A simple strap invites interaction, whilst a wireless charging unit at the bottom of the massager makes it completely portable.

Ding Dong is large enough to seat 2-3 people or, alternatively, for a full-sized adult to lounge on. It features a tubular structure and slightly rounded forms that accentuate its purpose of being comfortable.

The idea was to create something that incorporated fun and futuristic features without interfering with the general language and aesthetic of a sofa. 

Ding Dong by Dong hyeon Yoo
© Dong hyeon Yoo

Combatting fatigue behind the scenes

After months of sitting down, the Ding Dong sofa by Dong hyeon Yoo aims at offering some relief.

Whether the user wants to rest their neck on it, place it beneath their feet, or spoon it whilst falling asleep, the personal massaging device is on hand, whilst being cleverly concealed thanks to the design duo’s decision to create a clear and concise design language.

© Dong hyeon Yoo
© Dong hyeon Yoo


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