Drobe luggage: a revolutionary portable wardrobe in the size of a suitcase

Embark on a journey into the future of luggage design with Drobe. In an era defined by mobile lifestyles and an increasing wanderlust, the demand for practical storage solutions has become paramount.

Designed by Studio Milla, Drobe revolutionizes the concept of a portable wardrobe, ingeniously condensing it to the dimensions of a suitcase. This innovative design seamlessly merges the ergonomic features and practicality of traditional wardrobe trunks with the modern-day demands of luggage restrictions, offering a truly versatile and convenient solution for your storage needs.

With a design background in interior design from Milan, Italy and my current masters in industrial design, this project combines the mechanical and the aesthetic. I am drawn to the wider picture of an industrial design object that exists in a space and a lifestyle context, and being encapsulated in a strong and attractive branding concept and platform.” says Milla Lack, founder of the studio.

Drobe by Milla Studio _ portable wardrobe _ size of a suitcase

From wardrobe trunks to modern suitcases

My design research process included looking at suitcase designs during the last 100 years. In particular how suitcase designs mirrored the changing ways in which people travelled through the C20th. I was interested in the mechanical functions of luggage solutions which obtained a patent during their time.” says Lack.

During the late 19th and early 20th centuries, the steamer trunk, commonly known as the wardrobe trunk, held a prominent place among travelers’ belongings. These trunks were purposefully designed to carry entire wardrobes, with spacious interiors to accommodate clothing and accessories. Crafted from sturdy materials like wood and leather, they featured well-organized compartments, drawers, and hooks, providing secure and convenient storage for various travel essentials.

Despite their practicality, the cumbersome size and weight of wardrobe trunks posed challenges in transportation, necessitating the development of more streamlined and efficient luggage designs.

As travel habits and transportation methods underwent transformation, the demand for more practical and versatile luggage options increased. This shift in travel dynamics prompted the emergence of the first bags, representing a departure from the bulkiness of traditional wardrobe trunks.

The appeal of suitcases lies in their improved portability and maneuverability while still providing ample storage capacity, making them the preferred choice for modern-day explorers. Over time, suitcases have undergone a remarkable transformation, driven by advancements in manufacturing processes, materials, and technology.

Drobe by Milla Studio _ portable wardrobe _ size of a suitcase

A Master’s project in industrial design

Drobe Is a part of my masters project in industrial design at Central Saint Martins, London. My future plan is to manufacture and develop Drobe as a new suitcase brand to the market, which will bring innovation and sustainability to the current market.” continues Milla Lack.

Milla Amundsen-Lack, the visionary founder of Drobe, embarked on a comprehensive exploration of suitcase designs spanning the past century. Through extensive research, she delved into how evolving travel patterns have influenced luggage designs.

Recognizing the shifting landscape of travel, Milla observed an unmet need in the market – a desire to combine the convenience of a wardrobe with the ease and portability of modern luggage design. This realization sparked her creativity, leading to the birth of Drobe, a concept that perfectly caters to the contemporary lifestyles of frequent travelers. By blending the practicality of a wardrobe with the convenience of modern luggage, it offers a revolutionary solution tailored for those constantly on the move.

Drobe by Milla Studio _ portable wardrobe _ size of a suitcase

Drobe’s design incorporates a range of innovative elements

The suitcase brings innovation that is adapted to the future travel trends of travellers and their lifestyle. Drobe accommodates for frequent travellers packing requirements, but also to the changes of compact living and hotel rooms becoming smaller. Drobe uses only vertical space, which allows the suitcase to be opened up in any small area.” adds the designer.

Drobe stands out from conventional luggage options due to its unique and distinguished attributes. Specifically crafted to cater to the demands of contemporary national and international travel environments, where size, weight, and ergonomic considerations are paramount.

With it, users can effortlessly hang, fold, and access their clothing items at various heights, thanks to its ingenious features. The design optimally utilizes vertical space, taking up less floor area, while enabling users to live out of their Drobe in any setting.

One of the greatest advantages of Drobe is that travelers can access their clothing with ease, eliminating the need for constant packing and unpacking during their journey. It revolutionizes the way we handle our belongings, making it a game-changer for those seeking convenience and efficiency in their travel experiences.

One standout feature is its easy-access top compartment lid, enabling quick and effortless retrieval of personal items while on the move. Moreover, this top lid includes an interior mirror, doubling as a handy travel vanity for refreshing oneself anytime, anywhere.

Enhancing the user experience further, Drobe boasts a wide leather handle fitted with an LED strip on the underside of the bar. This illuminates the path, ensuring easy visibility of belongings even in low-light conditions, thus making your journey smoother and more convenient.

More than a suitcase

Beyond its role as a versatile travel companion, the luggage unfolds a world of creative interior design possibilities. This adaptable piece of luggage seamlessly transforms into various functional elements, adding a touch of innovation to your living spaces. From serving as a mobile bookcase to a stylish bar unit, and even becoming an extension of your closet, the Drobe showcases its remarkable flexibility.

Embracing its “furniture mode,” the Drobe becomes an ideal solution for small living spaces, whether it’s temporary accommodations or your permanent home. Its practical and flexible storage options cater to diverse needs, ensuring that you can optimize your space efficiently and beautifully. It offers endless possibilities for functional and aesthetically pleasing room furniture.

Drobe by Milla Studio _ portable wardrobe _ size of a suitcase

Drobe meets sustainability

The suitcase designed by Studio Milla sets itself apart with its unique multi-compartment and modular design, promoting simplicity in repairs and fostering a sustainable approach to replacing and renewing parts.

Unlike traditional suitcases, which consist of two shells, its design allows for independent swap-outs of all components. This means that if only a small portion or section of the Drobe is damaged, there’s no need to replace the entire bag.

By offering the ability to replace only the damaged compartment part, the design not only saves money and resources but also represents a more environmentally conscious approach.

This commitment to sustainability ensures that the Drobe remains a durable and responsible travel companion, making a positive impact on both your journeys and the environment.

As 3D printing advances, decentralized production and local customization of components become possible. The modular design allows clients to personalize and swap containers, adapting the luggage to their changing needs and lifestyle.


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