First of its kind eco-friendly tool for your hair care routine

Blond crafts EdgeSlick for hair care brand Ruka – a refillable edge styling comb designed to be seen and reused, reducing waste.

Believing in conscious design, London-based creative studio Blond by James Melia crafts ‘EdgeSlick’ for hair care brand Ruka – the first refillable edge styling comb of its kind on the market designed to be seen and reused, reducing waste. 

Brilliantly co-founded by Tendai Moyo and Ugo Agbai – RUKA is British-made with an African heritage and global outlook. 

“We set out to create hair and beauty solutions that truly work for Black women – something that’s been needed for a long time!

We briefed Blond on creating a timeless product that our consumers would feel proud to have out on display and would become a part of their beauty ritual” says Tendai Moyo, CEO and co-founder Ruka.

EdgeSlick by Blond for Ruka
© Blond for Ruka

Through research, Blond noticed how toothbrushes are commonly used as a makeshift tool for edges and by not wanting to reinvent the wheel – they decided to innovatively replicate its aspects that worked. 

Highly efficient but striking in design, the final form is a minimalistic high-quality durable appliance, with one end for applying the gel and the other for styling. 

They skillfully fabricated two sides to this eclectic comb’s head – one holding soft, nylon bristles for swooping, shaping and layering and the other with firmer bristles for combing and detangling. 

The body takes inspiration from paddles, with two functional ends that have the same outer profile. 

One end holds the brush heads while the other is designed to seamlessly scoop the styling gel onto the hair with ease – taking cues from cosmetic spatulas utilized in the skincare market. 

Through repeated testing and refinement, Blond ensured that the heads of this one-of-a-kind object, which are available in three eye-catching colors – click onto the handle while remaining securely in place. 

Additionally, extra refill heads can be stored inside the base, which also works as a stand for the comb, allowing this product to proudly sit in one’s space. 

“Through the design process, Blond quickly came to recommend that the head should be detachable in order to extend the life of this object. 
The packaging, also designed by them, is made from fully recyclable paper pulp” Moyo adds.

© Blond for Ruka
EdgeSlick by Blond for Ruka
© Blond for Ruka


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