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Harmonizing sound and style: acoustic panels with a dual-purpose solution

Designed by the Dutch studio FEMM Amsterdam, these panels serve a functional purpose while also adding a creative touch, revitalizing the function of traditional acoustic panels.

After our recent visit to Dubai Design Week 2023, we discovered a project that stood out – the acoustic panels by the FEMM Amsterdam studio which caught our attention with their lively colors and versatile customization options. As we all know, acoustic panels are often linked to solutions that, while practical, may not align well with a space’s aesthetic.

Within the studio and showroom nestled in Amsterdam, the exploration, experimentation, and application of color play a pivotal role. Through an array of vibrant designs, spanning from carpets and wall decor to panels, the studio aims to elevating diverse settings, be it hotels or residences, to an unprecedented and distinctive standard. Each design is a one-of-a-kind manifestation of Femm’s deep affinity for her surroundings.

femm acoustic panels _ dubai design week 2023
Acoustic panels by FEMM

An essential solution

This type of products have become indispensable in modern interior design, addressing the critical issue of sound control and enhancing the overall quality of indoor environments. Studies show that excessive noise levels can lead to stress, reduced productivity, and even health problems. Acoustic panels, with their sound-absorbing properties, are designed to mitigate these issues.

Research conducted by acoustic experts reveals that strategic placement of these panels can lead to a notable reduction in reverberation time, improving speech intelligibility in spaces like offices and classrooms by up to 50%. Moreover, they can reduce energy consumption in buildings by helping to maintain a comfortable acoustic environment, thereby decreasing the need for higher HVAC settings.

Acoustic panels by FEMM

Certainly, their visual attractiveness and versatile customization possibilities have undoubtedly made them a favored selection. This enables architects and designers to effortlessly incorporate both utility and elegance into their projects. This is precisely why we are delighted to present the femm acoustic panels project.

Colorful and customizable acoustic excellence

Crafted in the Netherlands, these acoustic panels represent an ideal method to infuse texture, color, and character into any space. These textile panels presented at Dubai Design Week blend lurex with wool to produce visually captivating and texturally opulent panels giving the option of selecting a woven panel with or without acoustic padding.

The inclusion of acoustic padding helps diminish bothersome sound reverberations and fosters a calmer atmosphere, whether it’s in a workplace or at home.

femm acoustic panels _ dubai design week 2023
Acoustic panels by FEMM

The products proudly feature an absorption coefficient of 0.95, signifying their remarkable ability to absorb 95% of the sound within the environment, with only 5% being reflected.

The Amsterdam-based studio excels in the creation of personalized acoustic solutions, carefully tailored to match the colors and dimensions that best fit your home, hotel, office, or specific project.


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