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5 fish tank designs to re-appreciate life underwater

Through the use of aquatic plants, rocks, accessories, and the tank itself, Aquascaping artists and designers challenge the definition of what a fish tank design can be.

Design and architecture are seen as mostly human-centered disciplines. What about designing spaces for other species? These 5 fish tank designs gave us the occasion to consider ‘another world’.

In some cases, these expressions of human culture are instead directed towards other friendly life forms. From plant vases to cat and dog toys to fish tanks designs. While these objects and spaces are designed by us, they are not intended for our direct use and experience.

Our appreciation for these design arises, then, from a secondary and more emotional perception. They require a high level of understanding of other life forms and how to satisfy their needs.

Fish tank designs and related accessories offer an exceptionally good example due to the fact that these are designed for a liquid medium and for animals that have very little interaction with us, as compared to other pets such as dogs and cats.

While objects like dog collars or harnesses can be easily evaluated by us since the pet will, quite quickly, demonstrate satisfaction or repulsion to the design, fish accessories are much harder to judge. Nonetheless here are 5 fish tank designs that are certainly appealing to our eyes and curiosity.

Waterscapes by Haruka Misawa

Designer and founder of Misawa Design Institute, Haruka Misawa designed “Waterscapes”, a series of minimal fish tank designs featuring 3D-printed objects that mimic coral and other aquatic flora that small fish used as hiding places, yet are all manufactured digitally.

The creations are ones that would normally crumble under their own weight, yet because of their underwater location are able to exist as additions to the aesthetically pleasing fish homes.

5 Fish tank designs _ Waterscape
Photo by Masayuki Hayashi / 5 fish tank designs

Ocean Floor by ICY AND SOT

Brooklyn-based street artists and brothers ICY & SOT use their unique visual language to deliver significant statements while tackling important issues such as lack of sustainability and human rights. By combining the right medium and material, ICY & SOT’s work reflect the very state of our fragile times.

In their work “Ocean Floor”, the themes of plastic pollution, habitat destruction, and its consequences take the stage of the fish tank.

5 fish tank designs

If you want to know more about ICY & SOT’s work, don’t miss The powerful and moving statements of artists ICY & SOT.

Hardscape by Aquarium Design Group

Aquarium Design Group combines a lifelong passion for aquariums with love for art, design, and architecture.

The group creates a new kind of custom aquarium design, installation, and services firmly rooted in knowing that the aquarium could be elevated to the same respected heights as other forms of art and creativity.

5 Fish tank designs _ Hardscape by Aquarium Design Group
5 fish tank designs

Jellyfish Vase by Nendo

Designed for Milan Design Week “Jellyfish Vase” by Nendo redefines the conventional roles of water, vases, and aquariums. The project consists of 30 ultrathin transparent silicon vases of various sizes.

The water’s current and flow leads to the movement and undulation of the vases, creating a dynamic and elegant aquascape.

5 fish tank designs

The Darwin Tank by Darwin Sect

While most fish tank designs serve as the home for simple goldfish, the “Darwin Tank” by Darwin Sect hosts and magnify the life of jellyfish.

Designed to capture and rejoice on the subtle and liquid movement of these extraordinary animals, this tank gives a minimal yet rare experience of admiration of life underwater.

5 fish tank designs


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