Can you combine innovation, sleek design and a hint of magic?

FLYTE did it. It creates magical levitating objects which are as much immediate as complex

FLYTE creates magical objects which are as much immediate as complex. The viewer falls in love with them the moment he sees them, no explanation needed.

When looking at products, I always try to spot issues and new features to implement. Not only including design and manufacturing process but also packaging, storytelling and customer experience as a whole, from the very first contact with the brand until the moment the product is disposed or forgotten.

This is one of those rare examples where nothing should be changed. At the same time, many how’s and why’s pass through his head: “How does it work? What happens if I touch it? Are there batteries? Why is there a cable?

FLYTE - Levitating lamp
FLYTE levitating light bulb

FLYTE, the levitating light bulb

A levitating light bulb is mesmerising, pleasant to watch and a perfect conversation starter when placed in the living room or in the office. Each interaction the customer has with the company is well managed and finely tuned to be smooth and enjoyable. For instance, the “Applish” packaging is essential and robust, and the plug is provided with all international power adaptors.

The company has a very modern backstory, starting with Simon Morris, CEO, that decides to launch the first levitating product on Kickstarter in 2015, raising over $600’000.

FLYTE - Levitating Objects

LYFE, the levitating planter

The same success is repeated with LYFE, that has a slightly bigger wooden base and a levitating planter: ideal for air plants, but also strong enough to support a small plant with soil.

LYFE by FLYTE: Levitating Planter
LYFE Planter

STORY, the levitating timepiece

In February 2017 the third crowdfunding campaign is launched and “STORY: The Levitating Timepiece” raises over $700’000. This time a more functional – yet terribly poetic – product is presented: it’s a clock with no arms nor numbers, but only a small ball that levitates vertically and moves around the wooden clock face to tell the time.

STORY by FLYTE: Levitating Timepiece
STORY – Levitating timepiece

It fills me with joy to observe how FLYTE objects generate the same reactions in different people.

This tells us a lot about how some emotions inside us go far beyond age, culture, origin or background: every once in a while everyone needs to escape, we all need a break from the ordinary laws of physics and each one of us loves to witness the incredible, to observe the extraordinary.

So thank you FLYTE for filling with magic a few moments of our days. Please keep it up, we do need this.


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