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Gradient Curve Screen by House of DUS for Aectual

Project selected among the 10 must-see exhibitions in the 5VIE design district, for our DWalking guide dedicated to Milan Design Week 2022.

Download our DWalking guide (pdf, mobile-friendly) with all the info for visiting.

The 3D printed Gradient Curve Screen is made from plant-based plastic.

Its design is based on customizable cells that gradually open or close, creating a mesmerizing gradient effect, casting shadows, and allowing for privacy precisely to your own design.

Especially for the Masterly exhibition, the cells are positioned in a pattern inspired by the floral decor of the Palazzo Francesco Turati.

The new ‘rose pink’ color is also uniquely inspired by the interior of the Palazzo.

Gradient Curve Screen by House of DUS for Aectual _ milan design week _ 5vie
© Aectual
© Aectual


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