Bringing playfulness to creations – here is Griso, a monster fruit bowl

Ask any parent how important it is to keep their little ones entertained during mealtimes, and you’ll see the value in design objects that lend a hand in this endeavor.

This is one of the reasons why we love Griso, the monster fruit bowl created by the newborn project Grop. Founded by Italians Giacomo de Paoli and Elia Maschio with the intent of spreading joy in every home, Grop specializes in crafting furniture and objects rooted in Italian craftsmanship.

GROP aims to transform living spaces into modern environments with innovative furniture and object designs. We value simplicity and honesty in our products, which embody a manifesto for a community united in the quest for a brighter future. With GROP, customers are not just purchasing an object; they are investing in a joyful lifestyle. GRISO is just the beginning of the many creations that will be developed under the GROP initiative.” say the two founders.

Griso fruit bowl by Grop

Launched on Kickstarter (join the campaign here), Griso embarks on its journey to bring joy to as many homes as possible. The success of a product often hinges on the public’s perception, which may uncover values beyond those initially presented. Key elements like craftsmanship, Made in Italy, and sustainability form the foundation of this project. The enthusiasm of the two founders is set to resonate in a market always eager for fresh and triggering ideas.

Griso, a funny mate

GRISO is much more than just a fruit bowl. It’s a playful companion that embodies wellness and vitality, adding a splash of color and joy to your home.

Why a fruit bowl, you may ask. Grop starts with a premise rooted in their Italian heritage, deeply connected to the culture and traditions of their country. For every Italian, a fruit bowl evokes a “feels-like-home” emotion. Fruit brings joy and happiness to both the soul and the body, thanks to its freshness and vibrant colors. Without fruit, essential vitamins are missing, and life seems devoid of color.

Griso fruit bowl by Grop
Griso fruit bowl by Grop

Grop aims to bring these colors into everyone’s lives and homes, transforming simple spaces into vibrant and welcoming environments. Moreover, the whimsical shape of this “bowl monster” is not just for aesthetics. GRISO invites people to see objects with fresh eyes, turning them into sources of inspiration for happiness and well-being in everyday life.

Handmade in Italy

GRISO is the result of the skilled craftsmanship of Daniele, an expert lathe turner from the Veneto region in Northeastern Italy. For the founders, his years of experience and deep knowledge of the craft perfectly embodied all the fundamental aspects needed for realizing the project. Grop aimed to achieve an excellent product by leveraging his artisanal expertise, which fully masters the various facets of production.

Griso fruit bowl by Grop, Daniele at work

Thanks to Daniele’s skilled hands and the dedication committed to the entire production chain, GRISO exceeds expectations. Each piece reflects attention to design and a passion for artisanal work, with every detail meticulously crafted. Grop uses only the highest quality materials, believing that quality is essential to create long-lasting objects.

Designed with sustainability at heart

Environmental sustainability is at the core of Grop’s commitment. GRISO is made from aluminum, an infinitely recyclable material, chosen to reduce environmental impact and ensure greater durability over time. To make GRISO even more refined and suitable for home environments, it is anodized in three different colors: light gray, green, and orange.

Griso fruit bowl by Grop, raw material

The story of Grop is both new and familiar, a theme we frequently explore on DesignWanted. As young designers, the question arises: should one join an established studio or start expressing their own ideas right away? There’s no one-size-fits-all answer, as it depends on individual preferences. However, diving in from the beginning allows for rapid learning about market dynamics, production, marketing, and more. This is why we are excited when we discover projects like Griso and young studios like Grop, where ideas take the forefront and have the potential to become viral due to their simplicity and immediacy.


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