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Sustainable elegance: inside the eco-active design of ICG Gallery Berlin

Iris Ceramica Group has unveiled a new ICG Gallery located in the vibrant core of Berlin, along the renowned Auguststrasse in the Mitte district. This exhibition space, marked by its novel location and groundbreaking concept, marries art with technology.

Today, what sets an avant-garde brand apart from a conventional one? ICG Gallery Berlin, the latest venture by Iris Ceramica Group in Germany, is a fitting (successful) example. It is undoubtedly the ability to transform its innovations into tangible experiences for the audience, turning a narrative that could be seen as detached into an unforgettable encounter.

Nestled in the renowned “art district” of Auguststrasse, the ICG Gallery Berlin unveils the creative prowess of the company with its premium ceramic surfaces that offer an interactive exploration far surpassing the traditional retail display concept.

ICG Gllery Berlin _ Iris Ceramica Group
ICG Gallery Berlin, Iris Ceramica Group

The Berlin Gallery, subtly interconnected with the refurbished ICG Gallery in London, embraces the art world while presenting a distinct aesthetic that resonates with its Berlin neighborhood.

The Group’s commitment to pioneering solutions, meticulous quality, and environmental sustainability is manifested in an experience that visitors can tangibly feel within the Gallery spaces. Upon entering the ICG Gallery Berlin, visitors embark on an immersive odyssey that bridges the tangible and the digital, fostering inspiration and professional exchange among design aficionados.

ICG Gallery Berlin, Iris Ceramica Group

The entrance beckons visitors into creativity, leading them to a broad technical and playful space for crafting mood boards. With access to an extensive Material Library, guests can experiment with endless combinations of ceramic surfaces, juxtaposing them on a magnetic wall enabled by Granitech’s novel Attract dry magnetic laying technology.

This journey extends into zones crafted for conversation and comfort: the meeting room, lounge, and kitchen offer views of the lush courtyard and feature interior designs that weave ceramic elements into everyday living. These designs are enhanced by Hypertouch smart surfaces linked to home automation systems.

Health and hygiene are prioritized with the eco-active Active Surfaces®, whose four outstanding properties are demonstrated through the ICG Play app. Virtual reality transports visitors to a realm where they can experience the indoor and outdoor health benefits provided by these materials.

ICG Gllery Berlin _ Iris Ceramica Group
ICG Gallery Berlin, Iris Ceramica Group

In the kitchen area, 4D Ceramics foster a sociable setting that aligns with the Group’s deep-rooted sustainability ethos—the fourth dimension of their ceramic craftsmanship. The connection to the environment culminates on the terrace, which extends over the courtyard’s garden, surrounding a tranquil bamboo thicket—an idyllic haven for savoring nature and observing the materials in the gentle embrace of sunlight.


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