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Embodying the luxury industry’s commitment to waste reduction® introduced INFINITO at Galleria Rossana Orlandi during Milan Design Week 2024, held from April 15th to 21st, as part of the RoCollectible event.

Designed by Giulia Delpiano and Corrado Conti from the architectural studio, and manufactured by FMG Shapes, the INFINITO sink is a tribute to sustainable luxury.

Crafted exclusively from high-quality agglomerated marble scraps and Portland cement, INFINITO is a tangible manifestation of reuse and waste reduction. Its production process avoids synthetic resins and thermal energy, ensuring minimal ecological impact. The product redefines bathroom furnishings with its innovative design, embodying the concept of infinity through fluid and sinuous lines.

INFINITO sink by for FMG Shapes

This sink by FMG Shapes evokes a sense of eternity and continuity, with water seemingly vanishing into nothingness, creating a timeless allure that captivates and sparks imagination. INFINITO symbolizes the unique beauty and sophistication of marble. It represents an eternal moment of absent matter, encapsulating the paradox of being and non-being, a continuous flow seeking balance.

It’s described as a conjunction of people and emotions that flow, create, and exist. Combining futuristic design with environmental consciousness, INFINITO by transcends beyond a mere furnishing accessory to become a statement of style and awareness.

INFINITO sink by for FMG Shapes

About FMG Shapes

FMG Shapes expresses a new approach to working with marble. They are a modern organization composed of specialized and passionate individuals. Guided by the vision of three generations united by shared values of tradition, innovation, and culture, FMG Shapes is committed to the constant pursuit of beauty, a willingness to innovate, and the creation of new ideas.

Their respect for customers’ wishes and adherence to lead times are promises they uphold daily, guiding their journey into the world.


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