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Minimalist and multifunctional: the Acrobat coat rack does it all

Portuguese designer João Teixeira envisions the Acrobat coat rack as a flexible piece of furniture that keeps garments and accessories organised in a stylish way.

We wanted to come up with a very unique and sophisticated solution using very basic and simple components,” explains João Teixeira, the founder of Teixeira Design Studio.

Together with the design team, they devised a tripod-based support structure keeping the structure uncomplicated.

When it comes to materials, a combination of wood and metal creates a striking contrast in both colour and texture.

It consists of three metal vertical beams along which a wooden pole creates a secure connection.

© Teixeira Design Studio

Each beam can be used to hang clothes and accessories like scars or hats.

Meanwhile, the hollowed out design of the wooden component creates space for garments to be hung or small items like keys and wallets to be kept safe and secure. 

“The bended metal tube adds a sense of continuity by welding only on one side, allowing for this gap to be used as a spot to hang scarfs or other,” he adds.

“To add value to such an exquisite piece of furniture we opted to increase its functionality by adding openings into the wooden bars allowing the user to easily keep daily accessories without discarding the possibility to hang your clothes using the smooth edges.”

Acrobat by Teixeira Design Studio
© Teixeira Design Studio

Constructing Acrobat coat rack

Whilst Acrobat is only a concept design, the project was directed with an overall understanding of production.

“The wooden component is made by turning a wood rod which is then worked on using a CNC mill to accomplish a hollowed shape,” says Teixeira.

“For the metal beams, first the bended tube, and the 3D laser cut tubes (the ones where the wooden rod fits), both components are welded inside to hide welding for aesthetic purposes.” 

Acrobat by Teixeira Design Studio
© Teixeira Design Studio

With that, the designer has also considered smart construction to help customers build the piece should they be able to buy it in the future.

“The 3D laser cut tubes have a welded sheet metal inside with threaded holes so that you can screw in the wooden rods.

These elements have a component to avoid the wooden rods to rotate while you assemble, avoiding incorrect positioning.”

Acrobat by Teixeira Design Studio
© Teixeira Design Studio


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