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IOTA Project: an attractive and surprising design, aimed to empower women

Founded in Israel in 2014, IOTA is a small brand with unique abilities, big aspirations and a pure, feminine heart

Focusing on the countless communities of women who are not able to work outside of their home, Shula Mozes and her ladies at IOTA Project are committed to sustainability and community support.

Ecologically and socially conscious, they work within centres with high rates of unemployment, providing mentoring and training programs.

IOTA designs signature rugs, cushions, blankets, poufs, stools, home accessories and a swing collection, made using traditional techniques and materials such as wool, cotton and synthetics and allowing Bedouin women in Israel to earn an honest living and be rewarded by a fair pay and by the satisfaction of seeing their creations in carefully chosen boutiques and leading design weeks worldwide.

IOTA Projects - Luxury design brand - Or Kaplan
IOTA project – © Or Kaplan

A business model aimed to empower women by giving them independence, discovered during Jerusalem Design Week.

Iota preserves traditional hand techniques of 200 years old craft of crochet knitting, creating a place for them in the present and in the future, teaching skills that reward both the product as one of a kind element, and the creator that becomes an expert in that.

Luxury design brand - Or Kaplan
IOTA project – © Or Kaplan

IOTA production process is completely transparent

IOTA absolutely condemns child labor and sweat shop environment – in addition, the majority of profits from sales is invested in welfare and educational programs worldwide.

With an attractive and surprising design, Iota pieces are made for people seeking for unique, personal, handmade products with a history, inspired by nature’s colors and structures, by climbing plants and shrubs. The result is luscious, intricate and beautiful, conveying the narrative of their hand work and the story of a brand.

IOTA Projects - Luxury design brand - Or Kaplan
IOTA project – © Or Kaplan

Each piece of furniture by IOTA project has an identity and tells something about the space they live in

IOTA baskets embody the tension created by the ability to shape a stiff and solid structure from a soft material, knit by hand from a strong yarn giving them steadiness and flexibility, decorative pieces which add color and liveliness to every corner, while the airy swings take the user to a wild, natural, magic place; fantastic and dreamy, they showcase many of their special knitted elements hanging from above and holding up a oakwood seat.

Luxury design brand - Or Kaplan
IOTA project – © Or Kaplan

Large, square shaped Iota luxurious floor cushions are designed for non-official, comfortable sitting: bright colored, adding depth and life to its space.

An alternative sitting possibility is provided by IOTA rugs, poufs and stools – comfortable, inviting and an always appealing option to rest and enjoy company.


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