At Stockholm Creative Edition, Klong launched a classically Nordic collection

Klong launches a collection of clean-cut, metal design objects representative of Scandinavian style.

At the inaugural Stockholm Creative Edition — a brand new independent design week hosted in the Swedish capital last month — designs using classically Nordic materials were everywhere. Where some favoured a mix of pale woods like ash and beech, wool and linen textiles, others opted for striking materials including steel and brass. One of our favourites was Klong, which unveiled a series of pieces in a range of metals by a portfolio of exciting Swedish designers.

Established in 2000, Klong’s vision is centred around a pioneering collection of design objects in which every piece has the potential of becoming a future classic. Its products combine playfulness with the finest materials, putting timelessness before fashion and trends to create collections of furniture, lighting, and interior décor details. Here, we focus on three of our most appealing works from the brand…

Klong products combine playfulness with the finest materials, putting timelessness before fashion and trends – © Klong

Cirkus candlestick holders by Eva Schildr

Defined by their brass material, which has been shaped into a series of concentric semi-circles, product designer Eva Schildt has created a series of personalisable candlestick holders. Called Cirkus, users can choose their own shape by turning the circles until the desired shape is achieved, a playful feature reflective of the collection’s name.

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Twilight Sconce by Margarita Matiz Bergfeldt

Industrial designer Margarita Matiz Bergfeldt has created a range of sconces inspired by the interplay of reflection, light and shadow. Available in brass or steel, its versatile shape features curved edges and a centerfold, which can either be hung on the wall or used as a tabletop vase.

“Twilight is the ultimate example of a successful combination of function and design while it is an object that blends easily into its surroundings, adding an extra dimension to the room,” explains the designer.

Twilight’s versatile shape, which features curved edges and a centerfold, allows for it to either be hung on the wall or used as a tabletop vase – © Klong

Klong’s 3rd-anniversary plant pots

Perfectly encapsulating Klong’s playful approach, the brand has launched Trio, a selection of three flower pots. Each pot is crafted from two layers of steel, enhanced by either a checkered pattern that creates eye-catching depth or a punched-drop pattern, created by craft enthusiast and designer Ania Pauser. Finally, each pot is gently varnished for a matt finish.

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