The fascinating tale of a brand that blends education and collectibility

Konstrukta has earned a reputation as a pioneer, paving the way with an extensive selection of imaginative playsets designed to foster learning, alongside an exclusive collection of collectibles that pay homage to the exquisite craftsmanship of wood.

In 2022, Konstrukta made a significant foray into the market with the introduction of their innovative wooden toy. This product line was thoughtfully designed and offered in three distinct sizes, each catering to various preferences and needs.

At the forefront was their kindergarten set, an extensive collection featuring 38 wooden modules, 50 connectors, 15 instruction cards, 5 rulers, and comprehensive technical and content booklets. While initially intended for educational institutions to facilitate collaborative play among 3–4 children, it quickly gained popularity among parents as well.

Konstrukta _ wooden toys _ education and collectibles
© DuaViz 3D

In the company’s portfolio, one also found the middle-sized Konstrukta family set, comprised of 24 wooden modules, 30 connectors, 5 instruction cards, 3 rulers, and the same detailed booklets. Additionally, the promotional set offered a more compact option with 17 wooden modules, 30 connectors, 3 instruction cards, 2 rulers, and the accompanying booklets.

The tale of Konstrukta continued with a remarkable media presentation in Slovenia, where the renowned design figure Niko Kralj lent prominence to the brand. In December 2022, the Brand officially entered the market, commencing sales through their online platform and later expanding into physical retail outlets.

Niko Kralj, one of the most important industrial designers of the second half of the 20th century. The pioneer of Slovene and Yugoslav industrial design.

A significant turning point emerged when educational institutions embraced Konstrukta as a valuable tool for fostering creativity and teamwork among students. Within a mere nine months, the team achieved sales milestones that enabled strategic partnerships with toy distributors in Slovenia and overseas.

Remarkably, the company found itself in a league of its own, with no comparable product available on the European market. But their narrative was not confined to educational excellence alone. In tandem with the didactic toy, a collectible masterpiece named Konstrukta Deco emerged.

Konstrukta _ wooden toys _ education and collectibles
Waxed Walnut © Tadej Šulman

This exclusive edition featured select Slovenian tree species such as oak, chestnut, acacia, walnut, pear, cherry, and plum. Notably, it employed wooden connectors rather than plastic, adding an eco-conscious touch. What sets this new set apart was not only the choice of wood but also its unique packaging.

With 23 distinctive variations, including oak giraffes, walnut elks, and cherry spruce trees, this collectible treasure promises to capture the hearts of discerning enthusiasts. Konstrukta Deco is on the market, and partners have already shared an appreciation for this finely crafted wooden marvel.


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