A beacon of refined interior design in one of Miami’s most trendsetting districts unveils Lacasacontinua, a project that marks another achievement by Giulia Delpiano, the architect and founder of, alongside Corrado Conti, the designer and co-founder.

Located at the intersection of 39th Street and Biscayne Boulevard within the prestigious Miami Design District, celebrated for its contemporary, upscale architecture, exclusive design boutiques, and art galleries, the Lacasacontinua showroom emerges as a beacon of refined interior design and detail-oriented perfection.

Crafted by for Italo-American proprietors Giselle Arrigone and Roberto Ruini, this 300 square meter space boasts dual entrances and three street-facing windows. It serves as a full-service hub for interior designers, architects, corporate purchasers, and property developers.

Lacasacontinua showroom by _ miami
Lacasacontinua showroom (Miami, USA) – ph

The project’s creative and interior design emphasizes material selection, finishing touches, and a color scheme that reflects the vibrant Miami lifestyle, all the while upholding the superior quality synonymous with Italian craftsmanship.

This showroom is a testament to the harmonious interplay of design, Italian tradition, modernity, and art, achieving an ideal blend of proportion, shape, color, and space. It stands as an elegant, cosmopolitan space with multifaceted utility: not only does it function as a premier showcase for surfaces and finishes, including exquisite marbles, refined porcelain, and diverse wallpaper options, but it also acts as a welcoming space for conceptualizing bespoke luxury residential projects.

Lacasacontinua showroom by _ miami
Lacasacontinua showroom (Miami, USA) – ph

Central to the Lacasacontinua showroom is an impressive display window that features artful porcelain creations, celebrating Miami’s marine allure, as part of a series crafted by artists. Designed with openness in mind, the showroom encompasses various sections, each dedicated to different material types that synergistically interact.

Upon entering, guests are introduced to porcelain finishes, a kitchen setup, and a material display area, all custom-designed. This section also houses an office and large rotating panels for displaying oversized 120×280 porcelain tiles, showcasing various finishes and complemented by Eroato armchairs and Atelier Cerasarda coffee tables.

Lacasacontinua showroom (Miami, USA) – ph

The bar area, illuminated by backlit Patagonia marble, employs large porcelain tiles and marble to accentuate the materials’ three-dimensional quality and excellence. The showroom also prioritizes accessibility, with a visually striking entrance for the accessible facilities, adorned with red boiserie and a marble sink from the Imera collection, underscoring the studio’s role as Creative Director. Florim porcelain finishes and LED lighting combine to create a distinctive, immersive experience complemented by Atelier Cerasarda-designed furnishings.

The showroom’s right section is tailored for marble displays and a walk-in closet, featuring unique wallpaper by Inkiostro Bianco and suede materials. This area includes a meeting zone and a library for showcasing marble, porcelain finishes, and highlighted products like sinks and bathtubs from the Imera collection by FMG Shapes, along with We are IB plumbing fixtures. Lacasacontinua aims to replicate real-life scenarios within its spaces, presenting kitchen, closet, and bathroom settings that are not only functional but also creatively and harmoniously arranged.

Lacasacontinua showroom (Miami, USA) – ph

It is a sanctuary of inviting spaces, enriched with marbles, porcelain, and wallpapers, and adorned with prestigious Italian-made products. The showroom by not only displays Florim porcelain and Imera collection marbles by FMG Shapes but also features Inkiostro Bianco wallpapers, We are IB plumbing fixtures, and furniture pieces from Eroato and Atelier Cerasarda, all meticulously integrated to create visually appealing, functional scenes.

Every aspect of the showroom’s design and layout has been carefully planned and executed to present a personalized, immersive experience that merges innovation with luxury, design, and comfort, tailored for unique project needs.


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