A research center focusing on the future of humanity has been inaugurated

Il Prisma, a global architecture and design company with roots in Italy, unveils its new office located at Via Adige, 11 in Milan: Il Prisma Live. This initiative is aimed at bringing to life the firm’s ethos: “Design Human Life”.

Spanning 1100 square meters, Il Prisma Live acts as a forward-looking observatory, exploring potential influences on future urban environments. It serves as a venue for the emergence of novel insights, facilitated by diverse and enriching experiences.

Additionally, it functions as a workshop where the design of spaces, materials, and interactions is guided by sustainability principles, aiming to foster a future where living, learning, and working environments are genuinely centered around human needs.

Il Prisma Live – ph Carola Merello

If the goal of many business entities is to encourage people to return to the workplace, we started by asking ourselves: how can we create value from the time spent together? The reasons why humans come together vary for each organization. In our case, the common aspiration is the desire to share knowledge.” says Stefano Carone, founder and managing partner of Il Prisma.

Il Prisma Live - ph Carola Merello
Il Prisma Live – ph Carola Merello

Living entities permeate the entire area

Il Prisma Live stands as a dynamic and generative hub for shared culture, where knowledge, experience, and communication vitalize its core spaces. The Entrance serves as the initial point of interaction with visitors, featuring wall-mounted screens of various sizes that display the Il Prisma manifesto and schedule for the year’s events and content.

The Live Area is designed for experiential engagement, offering a completely flexible and reconfigurable space to accommodate brainstorming sessions, workshops, plenary meetings, cooking shows, small workgroups, and much more. The Serendipity Garden is an evergreen zone for more casual and intimate moments of work, sharing, and socialization.

Il Prisma Live – ph Carola Merello

The Living Matter Lab (LiMa Lab) is a creative and innovative workshop where Il Prisma‘s designers and strategists explore new materials and their potential project applications. The Artist Atelier is dedicated to artists and their experiments, fostering a creative exchange with the designers to spark a unique creative process.

This is why Il Prisma pays close attention to developing places capable of sparking valuable connections among people. Il Prisma Live is a space designed for our teams and open to the outside. It is a place for sharing and spreading culture. Here, we gather insights observed in the world and process them to generate visions and inspirations that enrich our design thinking.” adds Stefano Carone.

Il Prisma Live - ph Carola Merello
Il Prisma Live – ph Carola Merello

Encounters across diverse fields – such as architecture, design, art, anthropology, and philosophy – materialize into themed discussions: interactive sessions of exploration, artistic expression, and project foresight aimed at contemplating the collective’s needs and inspiring fresh perspectives on the future urban landscapes.


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