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LaCividina: preserving the priceless value of Italian artisan workmanship

During the 2023 edition of the Salone del Mobile.Milano, LaCividina unveiled two new seating collections that, through distinct design languages, embody the fusion of innovative design and traditional craftsmanship

With nearly 50 years of experience, LaCividina has been crafting sofas and armchairs of contemporary design with talent and originality, while upholding the invaluable essence of Italian artisanal craftsmanship.

Every collection is born out of a dialogue with designers from around the globe, propelling LaCividina to become a trusted partner in significant interior design ventures, spanning both public and private spaces.

During the last Milan Design Week, the company presented 2 new seating collections: Dorothea by Andrea Steidl, a modular system that pushes the boundaries of linear design, embracing organic, free-flowing compositions that are full of life and spontaneity; the Agetti armchair by Garcia Cumini which, in contrast, reimagines the concept of softness by stripping away unnecessary elements.

Dorothea modular seating system by Andrea Steidl

Dorothea draws inspiration from the succulent plant Lithops, commonly known as “living stones,” and features a planar, asymmetrical seat design complemented by a sculptural backrest that serves as a supporting element.

Dorothea modular seating system by Andrea Steidl for LaCividina
Dorothea modular seating system by Andrea Steidl – © LaCividina

The backrest gradually thickens towards the ends, encasing the upholstery and creating a harmonious interplay of soft curves and bold volumes. Offering nine organic-shaped modules, including five seats and four differently sized backrests, Dorothea encourages sophisticated and original compositions that go beyond traditional linear modularity.

Similar to nature, these individual elements spontaneously come together, following their curves and evolving into groups that make the most of the available space.

Dorothea modular seating system by Andrea Steidl – © LaCividina

The new piece undeniably showcases innovative design while remaining true to LaCividina’s commitment to exceptional craftsmanship, resulting in a refined and durable sense of softness. As a result, it is an ideal choice for both commercial and residential settings. In public spaces, back-to-back configurations provide expansive and clever seating solutions, while in private areas, arranging the elements as armchairs or sofas adds a touch of personality and authentic comfort.

Agetti armchair by Garcia Cumini

Born from the initial collaboration between Garcia Cumini and LaCividina, the armchair embodies an architectural essence that challenges the conventions of traditional seating. Its distinctive characteristics immediately define its identity: sleek and devoid of extravagance, compact and perfectly suited for both residential and commercial spaces.

Agetti armchair by Garcia Cumini for LaCividina
Agetti armchair by Garcia Cumini – © LaCividina

Garcia Cumini’s design focuses on slender volumes and precise seams, combining them with an ever-present sense of “controlled” softness throughout the upholstery. These qualities are showcased in a deliberately compact structure available in both armchair and sofa options.

With Agetti, LaCividina exemplifies its pragmatic, precise, and robust nature, elevating its manufacturing, technological, and craftsmanship expertise to the highest standards.

The Agetti armchair is not only a testament to exceptional wood engineering, but also a showcase of the renowned craftsmanship of the Friuli “school of upholstery.” Its sturdy beech frame adheres to the principles of this esteemed tradition. The standout feature of Agetti is its backrest, which boasts a striking 70-degree inclination.

Agetti armchair by Garcia Cumini for LaCividina
Agetti armchair by Garcia Cumini – © LaCividina

This distinct element seamlessly connects to the generously proportioned and precisely shaped seat, reinforced by metal supports that ensure stability and clean lines. Continuing the design concept, the armrests are deliberately interrupted, creating a sense of natural openness and void within the overall structure of Agetti.


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