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Call for Entries – Join a premiere global showcase of lighting design

The LIT Lighting Design Awards is now accepting entries, calling upon leading talents in lighting design to participate in its prestigious annual event.

The LIT Design Awards celebrate exceptional accomplishments in Lighting Product Design, Architectural, and Entertainment Lighting Design worldwide. By setting higher benchmarks for design excellence and fostering global recognition of innovation, these awards enhance the appreciation for outstanding design.

Celebrated for recognizing outstanding creativity and innovation, the awards offer numerous categories: 31 in Architectural Lighting Design, 15 in Entertainment Lighting Design, and 44 in Lighting Product Design. In the previous year, the competition drew over 800 entries from 58 countries, displaying a wide range of exceptional projects.

Modern Guru and the Path to Artificial Happiness, ENESS – Photo: Te-Fan Wang – LIT Design Awards 2024

Highlights from the 2023 awards included ERRELUCE winning Architectural Lighting Design of the Year for their work on IronPlate Restaurant, and Hydrel taking home Lighting Product Design of the Year with their FLAME Lighting Technique. The newly added Entertainment Lighting Design of the Year was awarded to Eleftheria Deko & Associates for “Persephone Reconsiders Her Fate.”

Additionally, the Lifetime Achievement Award was given to Roger Narboni for his significant contributions to various lighting disciplines over 35 years, and the Spotlight Prize was awarded to DarkSky for their dedication to preserving night skies.

MACA Museum, Estudio Hofstadter – Fregosi – Photo: Santiago Chaer – LIT Design Awards 2024

At the LIT Design Awards, we invite you to join us in celebrating the amazing potential of light and its ability to transform the world around us. Our program goes beyond recognizing great designs; it’s about appreciating the positive impact of lighting solutions. We take pride in providing a stage where creative minds come together to showcase their talents while being mindful of the long-term effects on our environment. The LIT Design Awards values the importance of sustainability in lighting design, encouraging designers to share their approaches and contribute to a more environmentally friendly future for our planet,” shared Program Director, Astrid Hébert.

The 2024 LIT Lighting Design Awards jury, featuring 35 seasoned professionals from the realms of design, lighting, academia, and media, will select winners across various categories in November 2024. Previous juries have boasted notable figures such as Sooner Routhier, CEO of The Playground, Roland Greil of Roland Greil & The Black Project, Emmy Award winner Peter Morse, Randy Reid, editor at Designing Lighting (dl), and Sally Storey, Creative Director at John Cullen Lighting.

MAHÁ Club Beijing_Light Poetic International_Photo_Jonathan Leijonhufvud_Ya-Hui Cheng _ LIT Lighting Design Awards
MAHÁ Club Beijing, Light Poetic International – Photo: Jonathan Leijonhufvud, Ya-Hui Cheng – LIT Design Awards 2024

To ensure the awarded projects receive widespread recognition, the LIT Lighting Design Awards has partnered with prominent media outlets including V2com,, Silhouette Awards, World Design Organization, and DesignWanted.

Winning projects will not only gain extensive global exposure but will also be highlighted in the annual Book of Design, which is distributed internationally. Winners will receive the prestigious LIT Lighting Design Awards certificate and badge, and have their profiles featured year-round in the LIT Awards Online Directory. Participation in these awards provides a valuable opportunity for firms to measure their work against industry standards, showcasing their creative achievements while gaining critical insights for future enhancements.


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