LoomyLoomy: your smart assistant for healthy sleep

LoomyLoomy trains a sleep habit and protects the window of opportunity for natural sleep and wake time by intuitively reducing the time spent on screens around bedtime

LoomyLoomy technology can help create an experience of true calm and comfort when it engages our senses discreetly and selectively.

Inspired by the principles of “Calm Technology” aims to bring the design attuned to our behaviors and needs without over-dominating our attention.

LoomyLoomy is designed by Alexander Dumas and his team in Germany

LoomyLoomy is designed by Alex Dumler, an industrial designer and his multidisciplinary team from Hamburg, Germany to help to get healthy sleep by reducing smartphone use around bedtime.

A simple and intuitive way to reduce screen time to improve sleeping habits.

We are all addicted to our smartphones, some people more some people less. Studies have linked smartphone use around sleep time to reduced concentration, insomnia, and even obesity. It’s not us. Smartphones are designed to keep us hooked.

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He understood that our excessive use of smartphones is undermining our sleep quality

LoomyLoomy is integrating three elements into a complementary system. It consists of a sleep assistant device, a companion app, and your smartphone. 

Learn with LoomyLoomy to go to bed on time, put away your smartphone, fall asleep faster, ignore your smartphone, and get out of bed on time. LoomyLoomy guides you through a simple set of customizable steps for creating a new sleep routine. 

LoomyLoomy consist of a sleep assistant device for your smartphone and a companion app

It’s simple. Start your sleep and activate the companion app by sliding in your smartphone into LoomyLoomy.

Take out your smartphone to end your sleep after eight hours. With this method, the LoomyLoomy knows exactly when you started your sleep and how long you slept. 

With features like “bedtime reminder”, “meditative breath exercises”, “sleep status bar” and many more, LoomyLoomy will guide you through your bedtime to establish a healthy sleep routine. 

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