Enjoy these 22 Wi-Fi router designs you’ll be proud to show off

Wi-Fi routers are vital in the modern household but only a few have taken on the challenge of redesigning their look without compromising its functionality.

In order to keep us connected all day long, we rely on an essential yet inconspicuous product, the Wi-Fi router. With the changes and uncertainty the global pandemic has brought into our lives we have been forced to carry out most of our activities online and fully depend on our internet connection. 

This abrupt change and dependency led to an increase in the average of internet-connected devices within our homes, meaning that nearly two-thirds of the global population possess a Wi-Fi router in their home.

In an already hyperconnected world, the internet has become a necessity for people, a necessity that not only affects our social development but also the progress across the globe. 

Wi-Fi Routers connect your devices to the Internet and create a local network that allows your laptop and phone to transfer data to each other.

According to Linksys, households around the world have more than 10.5 billion devices capable of connecting to their home Wi-Fi, so if these routers are so essential in our homes, why does it seem that their aesthetics do not match their importance?

If routers are so essential in our homes, why does it seem that their aesthetics do not match their importance? – ©stux

We all seem to do our very best to keep our routers unseen, but did you know that the more you hide your router the more you are decreasing your Wi-fi reception? Such a dilemma can only be solved with creativity, and once again, designers come to your rescue!

In this clear battle between form and function, we have compiled the incredible solutions for Wi-Fi router design from companies like Google, Amplifi, and Huawei that not only create a beautiful balance between aesthetics and functionality but also are finally making the internet look physically good.

Among the beautiful designs you can actually purchase, you’ll find a list of design concepts by a few who have taken on the challenge of creating routers meant to be placed out in the open.

With such a plethora of options, which one will you choose?

Designers come to the rescue, balancing aesthetics and functionalities and finally making the internet look great

Onhub router powered by Google

Taking a look at OnHub Makers’ router design, you will see how artists and designers are creating their own interchangeable shells for the TP-LINK OnHub router.

Designed to be a nice addition to your home, these limited edition shells are available in a variety of colors and finishes suitable for any style.

Wi-Fi routers - Google Onhub routers
OnHub routers make your home internet literally look like your home

Google Nest Wifi

A home router system and home assistant in one.

The Google Nest Wifi’s minimal design is inspired by ceramic objects to better integrate with modern home interiors.

Wi-Fi routers - Google home - nest wifi
Google Nest Wifi is a easy to set up, whole‑home Wi‑Fi system

Asus Blue Cave

In the design of the Asus Blue Cave, the location and orientation of the antennas relative to each other and to the internal circuitry were carefully decided to give the best possible Wi-Fi signal in all directions.

Asus Blue Cave is built to perform and styled to be seen

SEJESS Wireless Access Point Router WiFi

Wireless and easy to configure, SEJESS features a catchy and futuristic design.

It combines advanced functionalities, such as stability of the signal, with compact and geometric shapes.

SEJESS Access Point Router satisfices every user’s expectations


HUAWEI WiFi Q2 Pro learns and adapts to the changing Wi-Fi environment every day and automatically optimises the Wi-Fi to avoid interference.

Your router will actively remember your online surfing habits to understand and support you for more efficiency in daily tasks.

Wi-Fi routers - Huawei - WiFi Q2 Pro
With HUAWEI WiFi Q2 Pro managing Wi-Fi has never been easier

Amazon eero 6

Eero can connect up to 75+ devices and communicate with Alexa while giving you full coverage.

Its purchase also includes signal extenders connected through a USB port.

22 Wi-Fi router designs you'll be proud to show off
Amazon eero 6 unlocks your wifi’s potential

Netgear Nighthawk AX12

Nighthawk uses active high-performance antennas to provide full coverage from the family room to the garage.

It has a futuristic aesthetic, which perfectly matches with the super-fast speeds provided for streaming, gaming, or video conferencing.

Netgear Nighthawk AX12 maximizes the internet speeds on every device

SuperPods by Branch for Plume

The Plume Pod and Super Pod by Branch are the results of a close collaboration between design and engineering.

It uses adaptive Wi-Fi which means that Plume is always learning about how you use your internet to allocate more capacity to the devices that need it the most.

22 Wi-Fi router designs you'll be proud to show off
SuperPods pack a lot of power into a tiny package

Starry by The Collected Works

The Collected Works built a powerful router with a touchscreen display in order to fulfil their mission of making users “visualize the internet”.

Beautiful enough to showcase on a desk and user-friendly, its design language consist of floating colored spheres representing the devices connected to a network.

Starry by The Collected Works allows to control and understand Wi-Fi like never before

Linksys AXE8400 Wi-Fi 6E System

Linkysys’ new router merges function and aesthetics with its minimal design that promises to bring WiFi to the parts of your home that can’t usually get it.

Thanks to its super-advanced technical features, it is an honoree of the CES 2021 Innovation Awards.

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22 Wi-Fi router designs you'll be proud to show off
AXE8400 Wi-Fi 6E System is Linksys’ latest advancements in Wi-Fi and motion detection technology

Norton Core router

The Core router improves the security of your Internet-of-Things devices.

It is designed as a dome sculptural product, that you can easily picture as a decorative piece in your living room.

22 Wi-Fi router designs you'll be proud to show off
Norton Core router fits the home’s décor while providing advanced functions

K-Design Award winner Yeo Jaewon’s RADAR Router

Inspired by the functionality of satellite antennas, the RADAR router redesign is based on the idea of using an aluminium can as a signal amplifier.

RADAR Router uses a satellite antenna to concentrate and amplify signal

Wi-Fi Router Model Y by Ninety Studio

Ninety Studio reconstructed a router’s form to make two parts into one. Joining together the body and the antennas they are reorganized into a “Y” shaped shell creating a unique look and style.

Model Y is a friendly product rather than a cold machine with antennas

Giraffe router Animal as part of IoT Device fam design project by S2Victor

Giraffe Router by S2Victor design uses the long neck of the giraffe as an antenna and its utilities include built-in voice recognition and motion sensors that allow the user to set its different functions.

22 Wi-Fi router designs you'll be proud to show off
Giraffe router Animal’s features include voice recognition and movement detection

WYFY Mesh WiFi router by ENVARY

The design of the WYFY router is connected to its AI-assisted mesh technology which sets it apart from any other router.

The product changes colour adapting to the number of devices connected to it.

WyFy sought an innovative approach for the router’s industrial design

Wall-mounted router – house by 田面 DESIGN

Instead of wasting space on a desk or shelf, this router is designed to integrate nicely into the home and decorate walls through a minimal and playful form, while providing few simple information such as weather and time.

The wall-mounted router is designed to look like a house

Rosenthal PorceLAN Vase designed by Rolle Rebbe

PorceLAN combines classic porcelain with technology. The vase consists of two pieces that fit together via magnetic bases.

Flowers can be placed directly in the top, while the router remains hidden from view in the bottom section.

22 Wi-Fi router designs you'll be proud to show off
PorceLAN solves the aesthetic problem of ugly plastic routers

Smart Router by Xia Kai

The Smart Router’s minimalist shape makes reference to its function.

It looks like a planet, and thus reminds us of connectivity, and has ridges that invoke the Wifi logo.

The Smart Router is “refreshingly different, but it’s perfect because it’s also strangely familiar”

Bium router and wireless charger by Jonghoon Yoon

The Bium design defies its purpose of connectivity, by fostering a calm, meditative environment through its incense holder shape.

It aims at helping us clear our minds from digital distractions, with a setting that switches off the internet temporarily.

22 Wi-Fi router designs you'll be proud to show off
BIUM can be disconnected periodically and give users the experience of emptiness

Piano Wifi router by Lee Haupenn

The Piano router is designed to complement the comfort of our home by resembling a harmonious instrument.

The black keys of the piano lift up to become the antennas.

22 Wi-Fi router designs you'll be proud to show off
Piano’s design is inspired by the keyboard of the instrument

Kinetic Wi-fi Router by JeongHwan Sohn

The Kinetic router looks like a sculpture that you want to place in the center of your home.

It has multiple antennas that rotate to indicate that the modem is connected to the internet.

Kinetic Wi-fi Router visualizes the state of invisible transmitted radio waves using “moving antenna”

Jellyfish by Gihawoo Design

Designed to match with home accessories through its organic shape and warm color, the Jellyfish router balances aesthetics and functionality.

The wires of the router that usually create visual stress, are used here in a clever way as jellyfish tentacles.

22 Wi-Fi router designs you'll be proud to show off
Resembling the marine creature, Jellyfish perfectly matches with home accessories

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