Luna Smart Lamp combines Alexa with wireless charging and a music speaker

This compact smart lamp by Woodie Milano has 16 million light color combinations with a dimmable option to create any preferred mood

Luna Smart Lamp is the world’s first device combining 4 different purposes making everyday-life simpler: dimmable lamp, fast wireless charger, music speaker and Amazon’s voice assistant Alexa.

This compact smart lamp by Woodie Milano has 16 million light color combinations with a dimmable option to create any preferred mood. An all in one device which blends into every interior design style ans helps you save money and space.

As one of the 10 winners of the ExpoWanted contest organised by DesignWanted for Milan Design Week 19, we had a chance to interview Francesco Dolce, co-founder of Woodie Milano, to learn more about the smart fusion of light, sound and wireless charging technology in Luna.

Tell us about Luna Smart Lamp, what makes it unique?

Francesco Dolce:

“Luna Smart Lamp is the first lamp that integrates Amazon Alexa voice services and wireless charging. Luna is a fresh take on ancient wisdom, revisiting the classical nightstand lamp by creating a new layer of technology: light, music, wireless charging and Alexa functionality, all in a single design.”

How was your experience with ExpoWanted?

Francesco Dolce:

“We would definitely participate again! Any occasion of displaying our products and participating to events is valuable for an hardware start-up like Woodie Milano.”

Luna Smart Lamp by Woodie Milano

How does Luna Smart Lamp respond to the current design trends?

Francesco Dolce:

“Luna Smart Lamp synthesizes in a single elegant and compact device more technologies, avoiding the user to buy 3 separate products (light, wireless charger, Amazon Echo/Echo dot). Being a compact design, it’s easy to install it everywhere – just plug and enjoy! With Amazon Alexa built-in, Luna is a future-proof product.

The artificial intelligence is on a steep progress curve, constantly updating and learning our habits and tastes. Alexa features skills, similar to smartphone Apps, giving to Luna hundreds of potential new functions every day.”

Luna Smart Lamp by Woodie Milano

What was the hardest part in the development of the product?

Francesco Dolce:

“Developing Luna was not an easy journey but thanks to Amazon’s official system integrator, with whom we worked for the past 2 years, we gave birth to the first Italian device that integrates Amazon’s proprietary components for Alexa voice services.”

In your opinion, where is the IoT sector heading to?

Francesco Dolce:

“The IoT sector is in great momentum. It is forecasted that by the end of this year [2019], there will be 200 million units of smart devices in homes.

The transition to the complete home automation, and everyday life, through smart devices and voice assistants is just beginning and aims at covering each moment of the daily life. The future we have seen on movies and TV is finally here.”


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