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2001: A Space Odyssey inspires Duffy London’s latest coffee table

With its glass table balancing on top of a series of toppling monoliths, Duffy London’s Megalith table is a mind-boggling statement piece.

The Megalith Coffee Table glass tabletop balances across a series of six toppling monolithic structures which appear frozen, defying the laws of physics as if locked in a permanent state of impending collapse.

The table joins a collection of similarly striking designs, all of which feature a glass top poised on six toppling monolith structures that evenly distribute the glass weight.

It also features a dining table version that requires eight to nine monoliths to hold the glass base.

Megalith Coffee Table by Duffy London
© Duffy London

The composition makes for a dramatic, eye-catching piece of furniture, achieving its playful visual effect through precision design and careful engineering using simple distributions of weight. 

It’s available in several different base designs including powder-coated in both single or multiple colours, brushed and mirror-polished stainless steel, mirror-polished gold, rose gold or bright metallics.

Most beautiful of all, however, are the vein marbles: Marquina black or white Calacatta.

© Duffy London

Duffy merges cutting edge-design and sculpture 

“A mind boggling and purely concept-based idea, our Megalith Coffee Table is an eye-catching design which we’ve created to be a show-stopping focal point to fit inside any living space,” says Duffy Founder & Creative Director, Christopher Duffy.

“We are constantly striving to elevate and to develop Duffy London’s collections of one-of-a-kind, sculptural works.

A concept develops over time, mixing art with function, and resulting in totally unique, modern furniture pieces.”

Megalith Coffee Table by Duffy London
© Duffy London
© Duffy London


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