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Forget air purifying towers—try air purifying tiles instead

Studio Volpi paid particular attention to aesthetics when designing the Missaglia tiles, giving the panels a rounded shape that can elegantly blend into any layout.

On the design front, the Studio concentrated on giving it a smooth and natural looking shape that would blend seamlessly into any interior.

© Studio Volpi

Each one features specially conceived fabric designed to capture and destroy most pollutants, bacteria and viruses that might be looming in the ambient air.

Studio Volpi describes it like a “kind of molecular flypaper effect” that traps and disaggregates the polluting agents in the air. 

Missaglia by Studio Volpi
© Studio Volpi

A super USP when it comes to Missaglia tiles is the fact that they don’t need to be powered by batteries nor do they need to be connected to the mains. Instead the tiles work by quietly hanging in a room. 

It takes approximately 4 hours for a set of tiles to completely filter the air within an average-sized room—1 square metre of fabric can purify the air in a 30 square metres room, in about 4 hours, and that for a period going from 12 to 18 months.

The fabric, called The Breath®, is capable of acting on substances such as formaldehyde, allergens, bacteria and viruses. It also absorbs and eliminates odours from food and cleaning agents.

Missaglia by Studio Volpi
© Studio Volpi

An original solution to a healthy lifestyle

“From the onset of the current pandemic, we’ve witnessed a surge in the offer of the most diverse contraptions claiming to be able to free your living or working quarters from the deadly virus,” says Studio Volpi.

“Most come in the shape of more or less high-tech-looking electric fans to which some kind of filtration has been applied.” 

Messaglia tiles go against the grain with a different option altogether. After all, Studio Volpi’s first objective was to enhance their credibility through scientific evidence, whilst differentiating it from fan-based solutions.

© Studio Volpi
© Studio Volpi


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