The At Skin scanner is a smartphone accessory for detecting cancer

BDCI has visualised an accessory for scanning skin for underlying problems at home.

Global cases of melanoma skin cancer are predicted to rise from 287,723 in 2018 to 340,271 in 2025, an increase of 18%. To stem the epidemic, skin apps and concept products like the At Skin scanner are hoping to facilitate at-home diagnoses. 

Korean studio BDCI has designed a skincare concept, which it hopes could prevent skin cancer by offering users a way to detect melanoma cells at home. The concept device, which the design team came up with for Samsung Electronics’ in-house incubation program C-Lab, works with a smartphone camera to analyse the skin.

“The device works like a dermoscopy to detect any skin lesions or melanoma cells at a very early stage so that you can take the precautionary measures as soon as possible,” the studio explains.

Called At Skin, the smartphone accessory includes a bracket, which can be placed on the back of Samsung’s Galaxy S10 model, and a detachable lens that seemingly magnifies the skin. The device scans the skin using the smartphone camera before analysing the generated images for overall health.

The future of skincare is about technology (but is that enough?)

AI-powered skin apps are changing the face of cosmetic dermatology. A quick Google search throws up a vast list to choose from, all claiming to help users self-diagnose their skin when it comes to breakouts, acne, skin ageing, eczema, and more.

There are also several online platforms where users can upload pictures of their skin and discuss them with a team of dermatologists. We’re assuming At Skin’s hardware would work on a similar premise, either powered by artificial intelligence or supported by a team of experts.

If not, we can’t imagine a smartphone accessory is any better than a face-to-face consultation.

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mobile Skin analyzer -
Studio BDCI has designed a skin cancer detector, which allows users to detect melanoma cells at home. The concept device works with a smartphone camera to analyse the skin – ©BDCI
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