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The Multi-Tier Shelf system by KALO

Modular, smart and beautiful. Scouted at Dubai Days Dubai, this project brings a new take on ordinary home furniture

The Multi-Tier Shelf system designed by KALO, has Maple shelves that rest on vertical slanting legs without any hardware connections.

They’re pinned to the topmost shelve with a custom-made solid brass pins, which allows the legs to fold down for flat pack shipping.

These Maple legs organically grow from the horizontal top surface, and drop down to the ground.


The connection points where more than two pieces come together are either highlighted with the manipulation of its surrounding to create a ‘soft’ formal response, or a tectonic expression that elegantly that fuses members together.

Also, the shelves have inset camel leather collars that snugly hug the legs to prevent them from sliding down.

Additional shelves could be installed at different heights with exact hole patterns that match the leg slant angles.

Multi-Tier Shelf system by KALO

The Multi-Tier Shelf system by KALO was part of a new collection first exhibited at Design Days Dubai in March 2016.

The furniture collection includes a coffee table, stools, and a lounge chair, all of which use the same organic formal language.

All the products are designed and fabricated in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

KALO is a practice run by designer and architect Ammar Kalo

His work interrogates the relationship between digital technology and traditional craft, blending conventional material processes with advanced digital fabrication methods.

Ammar’s area of research interest includes developing design/fabrication projects that utilize the inextricable links between materials, fabrication tools and form-making.

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