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Spinzi combines Italian cultural and industrial heritage with their latest designs exhibited at the Fuorisalone

Milan and Como Lake-based creative firm Spinzi focuses on creating lifestyles through their furniture designs and custom-made interiors.

Drawing inspiration from the rich cultural and industrial heritage of the city, the studio designs furniture collections and custom-made interiors with a highly recognizable industrial style, marked by the signature hole and raw, materic finishes. 

The founder, Tommaso Spinzi, is a creative designer and consultant specialised in interior decoration and furniture design. He has worked in Switzerland, Australia, and New York which has shaped his approach to design. His goal is to inspire, stimulate and create meaningful environments.

During the Milan Design Week, the studio presented a series of new pieces spanning over various different collections, that demonstrate their focus on detail, dedication to the client, and mission to create lifestyles through good design.

Spinzi fuses a strong Italian cultural heritage with a growing industrial identity – © Pietra Studio

The Meccano collection demonstrates Spinzi’s intimate approach to design

Sharp, masculine and playful is the only way to describe the pieces of the Meccano collection. The technical details of the industrial/construction world give a precise attitude to the collection.

Edgy yet graceful, Meccano represents the intimacy of Spinzi’s approach to furniture design. The outcome is creative and classic at the same time.

The collection comes from the childhood memories of Tommaso Spinzi, who used to play with construction sets and wanted to rediscover the same feelings as a grown-up boy. His fascination for the world of mechanics and industrial plants converge in this furniture collection. Essentially, just like the toys of yesterday, it is conceived for the guys of the twentieth century.

The CAM Mirror from the Daytona collection is a symbol of dynamicity, luxury, and strength

CAM is a mirror but also a sculpture. A flowing artwork that represents the shared values between Spinzi and Daytona. Speed, luxury, precision, and elegance meet in CAM, inspired – in the name and shape – by the camshaft, beating heart of the car, symbol of its dynamicity and strength.

The piece is made up of refined Calacatta white marble with golden veins, brushed brass, and a stained mirror. These precious materials are all made unique by artisanal treatments and refined textures.

A careful geometric study allows for sinuous shapes, designed through the precision of geometry and with the use of two radiuses only. It is an apparently ornate design, yet defined by simplicity.

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Spinzi - CAM Mirror
The mirror is a result of a careful geometric study and carefully selected materials that allow for sinuous shapes – © Pietra Studio

The Milan Sideboard from the Daytona collection combines and contrasts heaviness and lightness

Two massive sections of a HE steel beam hold Milan, a mirror-clad cabinet that reflects the space around it. The beams look almost too much to hold the apparently lightweight cabinet. The reflections make it seem as though it is floating on air.

The match between the solid beams and the evanescent mirrors is a perfect image of the city of Milan: its solid industrial past still inspires, and “holds up” the contemporary art and design scene. Hence the name.

The hole in the beams, apparently just a caprice, is instead necessary to elevate them at a design dignity. Enzo Mari used to say: “Take a clean and simple industrial object, and make a little modification: introduce a discording element. This is what I call design.”

Spinzi - Milan Sideboard
The sideboard appears to be floating in the air due to the contrast of the beams holding up the mirror-clad cabinet – © Pietra Studio

Fusion Sideboard gives new life to furniture from the past

Spinzi revives the quality, beauty, and uniqueness of Italian mid-century furniture, turning serially-produced objects into unique pieces that explore cross-contamination between design and art with the Fusion Sideboard.

‘’Fusion’’ is born from the desire to give a new life to furniture pieces that were a synonym of style, lived a better time, and then went out of fashion. Their soul is preserved and fused with the studio’s passion for metal finishes, engines, and industrial works.

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Spinzi - Fusion Sideboard
Spinzi revives the beauty of Italian mid-century objects by fusing them with an industrial quality – © Pietra Studio
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