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An innovative foamless, modular mattress for the emerging sleep brand MAZZU

LAYER has crafted an innovative and eco-friendly foamless modular mattress, a groundbreaking system that seamlessly merges unparalleled adaptability and repairability with the luxurious comfort found in traditional spring mattresses.

The MAZZU mattress by LAYER represents an effort to reimagine mattresses and their influence on our sleep. This novel system seamlessly blends adaptability and repairability with the plush comfort of a traditional spring mattress.

A design that challenges the norms of the mattress industry by emphasizing sustainable materials and a unique modular structure that significantly extends the product’s lifespan and minimizes waste.

MAZZU mattress by LAYER
MAZZU mattress by LAYER

We’ve been working with MAZZU for the last three years, and have been so impressed with their commitment to driving a groundbreaking, sustainable system for sleep. The bedding industry needs step changes in the way it thinks about delivering high-performance products whilst being mindful of the planet and MAZZU are leading the way in contributing to that dialogue.” says Benjamin Hubert, Founder of LAYER.

The open configuration of the mattress not only grants it remarkable adaptability and repair potential but also enhances its hygiene.

MAZZU mattress by LAYER
MAZZU mattress by LAYER

MAZZU mattress, a better sleep experience

The MAZZU mattress is crafted by assembling “modular pocket springs,” consisting of an hourglass spring enclosed in a seamless, two-tone, 3D-knit textile that forms an attractive melange sleeve. These springs are joined using a recyclable connecting system.

The modular pocket springs come in three different firmness levels – Firm, Medium, and Soft – allowing users to intuitively construct a mattress tailored to their sleep preferences. This customization also enables each side of the mattress to be independently configured to cater to the diverse needs of couples.

MAZZU mattress by LAYER
MAZZU mattress by LAYER

The individual spring modules securely interlock with a “snap-fit” connection and are combined with a Base Matrix and a comfortable Cushion Topper, creating a versatile mattress that can be adjusted and repaired as required to fit all bed frame sizes, regardless of the country.

Once assembled, the mattress showcases its spring system with pride, giving it a distinctive and identifiable appearance when desired. The MAZZU mattress is manufactured using skin-friendly and sustainable materials, including organic wool, recycled polyester, natural latex, and recyclable polymer, delivering enhanced comfort and support while eliminating the use of adhesives and foam.

MAZZU mattress by LAYER

Comfort without foam

The widespread use of PU foam in the mattress industry raises significant environmental and health concerns. Studies from 2018 and 2020 have revealed that approximately 60 million metric tons of mattresses are discarded worldwide each year, with over 90% of mattress components being non-recyclable.

Furthermore, research has shown that PU foam not only requires substantial energy for production but also emits harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs) detrimental to our health and well-being. The MAZZU mattress addresses these issues with its entirely foam-free and glue-free construction.

MAZZU mattress by LAYER
MAZZU mattress by LAYER

Impressive compression capabilities

The MAZZU spring modules can be compressed from a height of 250 mm to a mere 50 mm, facilitating efficient shipping and convenient storage in a compact, reusable packaging system also designed by LAYER.

For example, a small double mattress can be compressed from a volume of 0.6m3 to just 0.12m3, marking an impressive 80% reduction in size. The modular nature of the MAZZU mattress not only enables disassembly for storage, easy cleaning, and replacement of individual modules but also allows for the integration of new modules with existing ones, ensuring the mattress can expand as needed.


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