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What did Michael Anastassiades design for B&B Italia?

The internationally renowned brand B&B Italia has been a leader in furniture design with unmatched quality and innovation for years

B&B Italia’s unique and artistic style has firmly set itself as a living legacy of Italian Design. London-based designer Michael Anastassiades creates functional, minimal and authentic pieces, aiming at individuality and timeless design qualities. His work can be seen in permanent collections in major design and art museums across the world such as MOMA in New York or the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.

Michael received education in civil engineering and industrial design in the UK and in 1994 opened up his own studio to develop his own approach to product, furniture, and environmental design. Michael Anastassiades now sells his signature pieces, ranging from furniture, lighting, jewelry and various other objects.

B&B Italia Jack by Michael Anastassiades
What did Michael Anastassiades design for B&B Italia?

Michael also designs for various top quality brands such as B&B Italia, taking part in the grand history of Italian design. Contributing to a detailed oriented and modern style, the designer has created two pieces for the Italian furniture company: Jack and Parallel Structure.

Jack by Michael Anastassiades

Designed by Michael Anastassiades for B&B Italia, the Jack bookcase wall system started as a design rod stacking exercise for Michael and evolved into an effortless and optimum structure for a diverse range of interiors.

What did Michael Anastassiades design for B&B Italia?

With Geometric and plain lines, the bookcase can fit any space, beautifully attracting a curious eye into the fine precision of its construction. The piece is sold in different finishes, black, white or with wooden finished shelves.

The Jack wallsystem is a highly technical structure that assembles into a coherent and modern furniture piece. The system can be used against a wall or in the middle of a room to act as a space divider.

Parallel Structure by Michael Anastassiades

Parallel Structure is an example of elemental design combined with a simple yet highly detailed structure and material choice. Again the attention is drawn to the fine detail of the joinery and junction of the different elements of the Parallel Structure table.

What did Michael Anastassiades design for B&B Italia?

The wood, glass, and aluminum create at the same time a monolithic and familiar piece while maintaining genuine architectural, structural and design characteristics.


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