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NYXO’s 3D-printed Primavera furniture is made from recycled plastic

Dubai-based design studio NYXO unveils its 3D printed furniture collection, which uses an exclusive foaming technology for the first time

Dubai-based design company NYXO Studio has created a collection of sculptural tables made from 3D printed bioplastic.

Called Primavera, the collection features a fluid aesthetic as a result of this new material technology. It was launched at Downtown Design during Dubai Design Week 2021.

“Primavera explores this new material technology, which literally flourishes in the form of an iconic family of pieces that evokes the floral world and the circularity of the seasons,” says NYXO.

“Organic and fluid shapes combined with a geometric regularity that symbolizes the regeneration of natural cycles.”

NYXO _ 3D-printed bioplastic Primavera furniture

To create the collection, NYXO studio worked with Belgium-based 3D printing company Colossus Printers.

Together they defined a design with sinuous geometries and delicate curves, which come together to celebrate the new material.

The patterns of each piece evolve along the height, gaining complexity from the base to the top and reinforcing the unique aesthetic.

NYXO Visionary Design is a Dubai-based architecture and product design practice founded by the Italian designers Mirko and Michele Daneluzzo.

NYXO is a trans-disciplinary R&D office for the development of visionary ideas from the design to the fabrication processes.

It specializes in 3D printing and in the application of digital computational tools.

Its goal is the construction of future scenarios able to incorporate and translate technological innovation into products or services. 

Shape it, click aaand: print! Unleash your imagination with Roche Bobois’ 3D printed concrete CORAIL table

The firm is characterized by a heterogeneous production for companies with an international reputation like Haier Group, Berkel Group, Fontanot, Marmo Arredo.

The project typologies range from experimental limited edition objects to serial products, from architectural concepts to interiors and art installations. 

NYXO designed the world’s first 3D printed home appliance for Haier Group.

NYXO’s work has been exhibited internationally in several events including the Dubai Design Week, the Venice Biennale of Architecture, the Beijing Biennale, and the Singapore Design Week.

Colossus Printers was established in 2017, born from the desire to print with our own recycled materials.

NYXO _ 3D-printed bioplastic Primavera furniture

At the time partner company The One Project was looking to expand their small scale print service to additional larger-scale objects. 

“As a machine with the qualities we were looking for did not exist, we pulled together a team of experts to develop and build one to our specifications,” says Colossus. “The result was the first Colossus Printer.”

“Since its launch, we remain focused on the development and innovations of hardware, software, and process knowledge in the FGF market. We believe in delivering a full-circle solution.”

NYXO _ 3D-printed bioplastic Primavera furniture

The company behind Colossus, The One Project, is a platform for recycling solutions with the aim of converting end of life plastics back into high value objects.

The One Project remains a strong partner inside Colossus’s Ecosystem with a strong focus on research & development of materials for moulding and extrusion techniques.

This company experiments with mycelium and computational design to 3D-print urban reefs designed to stimulate water circularity and biodiversity.


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