Omnia: the new multi-awarded design of Sonus faber’s Natural Sound

A new Hi-Fi speaker that presents itself as an outstanding interior design object: Omnia, the newest addition to the Sonus faber handcrafted speakers

Tapping into a new user experience, Sonus faber latest release Omnia speaker has already made a place for itself on the market. 

This new speaker is created with the aim to bring Sonus faber professional quality audio to a home stage by being designed as a compact version of their well-known sound systems, all while maintaining the audio quality and refined design that sets the brand apart. 

The Omnia speakers reach the home environment to enrich it with the highest audio quality, premium materials and aesthetic design, becoming a timeless piece to be showcased in any space.

Having received two Design Awards in 2022, Omnia goes beyond the amazing sound and visual design, as it is also designed with a new UX/UI interface called SENSO™.

SPOTIFY_GIRL_WALNUT _ Omnia speaker_ the new multi-awarded design of Sonus faber's Natural Sound
Users can control the speaker from a distance using Omnia’s remote control or a streaming device

DesignWanted had the opportunity to talk to the Sonus faber Design Team to learn more about this iconic product design and the secrets behind Omnia’s unique materiality, form, function, technology and user experience, as well as the brand’s expression through time and how they’ve reached a new era with Omnia design.

STAIRS_PHONO_WALNUT _ Omnia speaker_ the new multi-awarded design of Sonus faber's Natural Sound
Omnia’s aesthetic design makes it suitable for any space

When talking about Sonus faber’s 40-year history, it comes as no surprise that the brand has an award-winning portfolio of mesmerizing sound systems. 

This time, the always innovative brand created Omnia “ from the idea of bringing the Sonus faber world into the everyday life of a new audience” says the Sonus faber Design Team.

A more transversal audience, which in addition to the passion for musical reproduction at its highest levels also pursues the desire to feel connected to one’s home environment through a new and refined design”.

Omnia immerses your home in 360° sound

Sonus faber products rely on one-of-a-kind characteristics, and Omnia is no exception to differentiating itself.

The Sonus faber design team mentions that the uniqueness of Omnia relies on its double life as a Hi-Fi speaker and as an excellent interior design object. 

Less than a year after its launch, it has already been recognized at the highest levels for the category both in terms of design and innovation of use (as evidenced by the two awards received by Red Dot Design Award 2022). 

The characteristic Natural Sound of Sonus faber is maintained and respected even within a versatile and innovative speaker like Omnia. 

The materials make her premium: the top in multilayer natural wood and the cover of the underlying body in fabric recall the Sonus faber collections that have made the history of Hi-Fi for decades.

While using Omnia, the touch-sensitive interface is a highlight within the experience.

About this, the Sonus faber Design Team mentioned that “the work behind the patented SENSO™ technology is the result of research aimed at identifying the best speaker interaction and control system through the structure of the object itself.” 

In this way, everything that Omnia can offer you is just a touch away, and any information is communicated through the luminous lines that arise between the grain of the wooden top.

PHONO_1_WALNUT _ Omnia speaker_ the new multi-awarded design of Sonus faber's Natural Sound
Omnia is designed with a built-in phono stage and connects easily to turntables

Volume, connected devices, or playback, is all at your fingertips and easily accessible on the Omnia top. 

“The idea behind this interface is to simplify user interaction with the speaker, allowing you to have a defined overview of the features in a single glance,” says the Design Team behind SENSO™ technology.

Besides this, it is of great consideration that Omnia speaker provides a premium audio experience with the new CESCENDO™ technology, which results in a greater sense of dimensionality and immersivity.

The Omnia’s Design Team pointed out that CESCENDO™’s goal is to be able to offer the sensation of an immersive and three-dimensional sound as similar as possible to that of a live experience, concentrating on itself all the characteristics of the highest Hi-Fi listening. 

A dedicated signal processing and the implementation of two full-range speakers placed on the sides of Omnia guarantee an all-around sound image helping its positioning even in positions closer to the wall.

Omnia CESCENDO™ technology allows an immersive and three-dimensional sound

Small and powerful, the interaction between the 7 Omnia speakers is the result of research aimed at making the sound of an all-in-one speaker as close as possible to that of a structured system. 

As explained by Omnia’s design team, “the goal has always been to be faithful to Sonus faber’s Natural Sound, giving a new practicality and form to it”.

Omnia is an ecosystem that contains within itself the soul of 40 years of experience in the world of Hi-Fi with the aim of innovating and experimenting without departing from the tradition of the expression of Sonus faber values. 

The form at the service of sound and vice versa guarantees a limitless dedication to creating musical instruments that sound as good as their beauty. 


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