With Oogo smart hand luggage – a new way of traveling has arrived

Meet your conceptual travel companion that gathers all your documents to provide a faster, easier and smoother experience at the airport

Making traveling a fast and smooth process, Spanish Industrial Designers Carlos Bajo, Roger Bartra, Adri Besada, Nacho Castillo and Sergi Monforte introduce Oogo – a conceptual smart hand luggage that gathers one’s documents to provide a much easier fuss-free experience at the airport. 

Today, even though technology continues to radically change our lives, the experience at the airport hasn’t improved a lot – we still feel overwhelmed with the number of documents we have to show and the amount of data (time, gates, seat) we check during our journey. 

“How many times have you taken out your cell phone at an airport because you can’t remember the gate or just to simply check the time?

Wouldn’t it be easier if your suitcase could speed up this process to avoid long queues and have a much smoother experience? – this is where Oogo comes in!” they say. 

At first – Oogo’s innovative app lets one seamlessly upload their documentation and allows one to transfer them encrypted to their suitcase easily and securely via Bluetooth. 

The handle – the key element where the data is – features an RFID antenna that then allows one to pass through the gates. 

Upon arriving at the security checkpoint or gate – one can bring the handle close to a gate receptor to transfer their encrypted data and place their fingerprint to check the identity. 

This provides one with an easy and fast transition without fussing over all the documents – on paper or the phone. 

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Oogo smart hand luggage
Oogo smart hand luggage

“The handle location – where everything happens – has been one of the focus points of study”  they share. 

Located in a central position – it facilitates carrying the suitcase no matter which hand one utilizes, independently of the position of the receiver antenna in the airport desk. 

Additionally for the interface, the transversal placement of the integrated LED screen gives directionality to the suitcase displaying basic flight data such as time, boarding gate, seat as well departure. 

Showcasing the most relevant information and reducing the number of times one needs to check their phone – the discreetly integrated screen effortlessly adapts to each scenario.

Oogo smart hand luggage
Oogo smart hand luggage

Furthermore – the suitcase also encompasses a USB-C charging port in the handle, protected by a sliding shutter, fully integrated and providing an intuitive experience. 

Lastly, for the wheels – “initial quick sketches were used to explore a variety of forms, features and embodiments of the product. 

With the concept becoming clearer, high quality visuals combined with some quick 3D models were made in Rhinoceros and Gravity Sketch to evaluate the final shape, materials and colors. 

Apart from having an elegant and minimalistic touch, it adapts to the general morphology of the suitcase!” they conclude. 


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