Lunar wheel: a trolley tire that significantly reduces pavement vibrations

The accessories sector in the luggage industry is eagerly seeking progress and innovation, with a special emphasis on making improvements to the wheel segment

On the occasion of the 18th Venice Architecture Biennale, Crash Baggage unveiled the outcome of two years of research: the Lunar wheel, the first-ever trolley tire that utilizes a straightforward technology in its materials to provide noise insulation and minimize vibrations on various types of surfaces.

Visitors were welcomed inside the Lunar installation, an immersive, site-specific project designed by the design and research studio Parasite 2.0 for Crash Baggage. This unique installation offers a fresh space for exploration and engagement in the bustling city of Venice, providing a respite from the crowds of tourists and the constant sound of rolling suitcases.

Lunar Wheel by Crash Baggage _ Parasite 2.0 Lunar Installation _ Biennale di Venezia

The installation creates a strong contrast between the Venetian interior, which is characterized by rough bricks and plasters, and a collection of soft, shiny, pneumatic objects whose aesthetic is reminiscent of set designs from the old days of science fiction films, like a type of a primitive future.” says Parasite 2.0.

Crash Baggage introduced a special limited-edition collection of carry-on suitcases coinciding with the launch of the Lunar wheel. This exclusive capsule collection showcases the Lunar wheel for the very first time, providing a unique and tailored experience for customers.

Lunar Wheel by Crash Baggage _ Parasite 2.0 Lunar Installation _ Biennale di Venezia

I believed in this project since the beginning. In the luggage industry there is a strong need for evolution when it comes to the accessories sector, and especially the wheel sector. This can happen if one decides to invest in innovation using novel technologies. Crash Baggage has decided to do this by launching Lunar.” says Francesco Pavia, the founder of Crash Baggage.

This is a truly revolutionary idea that, once it lands on the market, can lead to the solution of problems which have been on the table for quite some time: from noise pollution to the damage of public domain; these issues are closely related to the city of Venice.” continues Mr. Pavia.

Crash Baggage, an Italian brand of bags and accessories, holds a steadfast belief in travel as a moment of seeking pleasure and breaking away from routine, to be experienced with complete freedom. Established in Mira (Venice) in 2013, the company specializes in designing suitcases, bags, and accessories distinguished by their characteristic dented shell.


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