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The portable origami-folded floating vessel by Oru Kayak

Oru Kayak is launching its most simple and light model: the Inlet is a grab-and-go foldable kayak, which assembles intuitively and extremely quickly, in less than 5 minutes

Since 2012  the California-based company Oru Kayak has started to create foldable single-seater models of kayak, designed to be lightweight, easy to store and inspired by the art of origami.

Their aim is to give the chance to get on spontaneous adventures with the freedom to get outside and hit the water anyplace and anytime.

With its new and distinctive folding pattern, the brand new model of Oru Kayak named the Inlet is a watercraft with the performance of a hardshell boat and the portability of a suitcase.

The Inlet is designed for flat waters keeping in mind paddlers of all experience levels and ages.

The Inlet is the Oru Kayak lighter model: only 9 kilos.
The Inlet by Oru Kayak weights only 9 kilos

The entire folding pattern has been designed from scratch in order to eliminate wasted space, creating the smallest box possible and focusing on the efficiency of the kayak. 

The Inlet is made of UV-treated corrugated polypropylene, a material created to be very resistant and superlight at the same time: with its 9 kilos, Inlet is the Oru Kayak lighter model with a folding pattern optimized for easy setup.

In less than 5 minutes of assembling it extends to 3 meters in length and 78 centimeters of width, ensuring good stability and making the water accessible, simple, and easy for everyone.

The Inlet By Oru Kayak is inspired by the art of origami and you can set it up in less then 5 minutes.
The Inlet by Oru Kayak is set up in less than 5 minutes

Another handy feature of this kayak is its compactness: when stored it only takes up the space of a small suitcase, 106 x 48 centimeters. For maximal portability, the Inlet folds down into a shoulder bag or backpack, providing convenient transportation options.

This ingenious space-saving innovation can be stacked in the trunk of a city car, taken on a train or an airplane, stored under a sofa or a work desk. 

The Inlet By Oru Kayak, when stored, takes up the space of a small suitcase and it can fit a city car.
The Inlet by Oru Kayak can fit a city car

Oru Kayak has worked maniacally on the Inlet trying to reduce costs through clever design, but still using the highest quality materials and by providing an outstanding experience with an estimated retail price of $899.00.


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