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Starting a brand dedicated to nurturing a society: the story of oursociety

From Denmark, oursociety emerges as one of the freshest and most promising brands to watch in the coming years. Their journey is propelled by a distinct purpose, driven not just by the desire to sell products but to initiate a broader societal transformation

It’s been a while since I’ve been so enthralled by a one-of-a-kind and fascinating furniture brand like oursociety, but let’s take a step back and delve into the story from its inception.

I’ve been closely following the designer duo Leclercq Viallet on Instagram. I stumbled upon their work during the “Slanted/Enchanted” exhibition, organized by Jamie Wolfond (whom I’ve previously featured in this article), hosted at the Eric Stump Projects gallery. Their Gardener’s Chair, an extraordinary creation made from an irrigating tube, left an indelible impression.

Peter Seisbøll and Emil Hansen, Founders of oursociety

More recently, I noticed their unveiling of a new chair designed for a brand called oursociety. This chair, aptly named the Dots Chair, is a brutal and minimalist masterpiece, proudly showcasing visible screws.

This discovery left me exhilarated. Here was a brand unafraid to embrace the utilitarian aesthetic of screws. Eager to learn more, I visited the brand’s website and was immediately drawn to its contemporary and naturally-inspired aesthetics. However, information about this nascent brand was relatively limited online. In an effort to delve deeper into the narrative surrounding oursociety, I arranged a meeting with its founders to gain a clearer understanding.

oursociety _ furniture design
Dots chair by Camille Viallet and Theo Leclercq for oursociety

Hailing from the western reaches of Denmark, Peter Seisbøll and Emil Hansen, co-founders of oursociety, embarked on this venture and introduced it to the world at Maison & Objet in 2022. Peter brings a background in fashion, while Emil’s expertise lies in innovation and entrepreneurship within the furniture industry. They birthed this brand after an extensive exploration of the design field, endeavoring to discern how they could make a meaningful contribution to society.

What struck me profoundly was the lucidity of their vision—a vision that transcends the realm of furniture-making and encompasses a much grander objective. They aspire to construct an actual society, a nurturing ground for emerging designers. The team of the talents that are helping Emil and Peter are: Kasper Kyster, Studio Œ and LeclercViallet

RE-WORK Table and Stools and Tribute Lamp Stainless Steel by by Kasper Kyster, for oursociety

This is a place where individuals converge, converse, and learn, a fertile ground where talent is discovered and duly celebrated. This stands in stark contrast to older entrepreneurs who often lack a clear sense of purpose beyond financial gain. At oursociety, you find a more profound mission, akin to a Japanese ethos, with a 500-year business plan.

It’s truly remarkable to witness the empathy and innovation inherent in brands with a resolute visionary stance.

In the current landscape, the design industry wrestles with a pervasive standardization of processes, both in product creation and communication. Design briefs are dispatched to designers with reference images that delineate the market’s trajectory, typically arriving with a delay of a few years, culminating in designs that feel all too familiar.

RE-WORK bench by Kasper Kyster for oursociety

Even their communication strategy echoes this uniformity. Swap an image from one catalog to another, and you’d hardly discern the intrusion. There’s nothing inherently wrong with this approach, it’s simply a reflection of market dynamics. However, it’s somewhat disheartening to see companies that ought to be at the vanguard of innovation opting to homogenize the very term “design” that once symbolized “innovation”.

Navigating an established path is undoubtedly easier, but the individuals behind oursociety have chosen to blaze a new trail in the world of design. Their roster of designers embodies audacity, youth, talent, and a touch of the unconventional.

oursociety _ furniture design
RE-WORK stool by Kasper Kyster for oursociety

I use the term “crazy” affectionately here because they aren’t followers of conventions; as designers, they’ve forged their own path, a quality that’s both commendable and exciting.

It’s all about redefining our perspective on the market and the design milieu.

When your field of vision is dominated by companies in expos and publications that seem to perpetuate the same concepts and aesthetics, it becomes challenging to soar to new heights and see the world from a fresh vantage point. This is precisely why a blend of diverse backgrounds, nationalities, and cultures can give rise to something novel and captivating.

I eagerly await further developments from oursociety, a brand with a resolute vision and a clear sense of purpose, offering a fresh perspective in the design world.


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