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A shelf that exemplifies the perfect blend of elegance and minimalism

The brainchild of Swedish designer Daniel Enoksson for Bebó Objects, its purpose is to establish a subtle surface that seamlessly blends the outdoor and indoor surroundings.

Bebó Object introduces Grid, a freestanding shelf created by Daniel Enoksoon that serves multiple functions, from housing pots and plants to storing firewood, garden equipment, and elegantly exhibiting your valuable art pieces and books.

Grid is a versatile shelving collection built to endure various environments. Featuring sleek lines and a minimalist design, the shelf beautifully exemplifies the convergence of aesthetics and simplicity. This standalone shelf is offered in three distinct versions, each thoughtfully crafted to complement diverse settings, from outdoor patios, balconies, and gardens to indoor living rooms and kitchens.

Grid shelf by Daniel Enoksson for Bebo Objects

The idea of the Grid shelf had been occupying my thoughts for quite some time. When Bebó and I began our discussions, it quickly became the clear choice for our inaugural collaboration. I dedicated a substantial amount of effort to fine-tuning the proportions of the grid material, aiming for that ideal balance – not too bold and not too thin.” says the designer.

Constructed from powder-coated aluminum, these shelves are engineered for exceptional resilience and long-lasting durability. They are available in three attractive colors: oxide red, leaf green, and black, and are effortless to clean and maintain.

Grid shelf by Daniel Enoksson for Bebo Objects

It’s ideal for arranging pots and plants, storing firewood or garden tools, and showcasing your valuable art pieces or books within your home. Picture a shelf that allows you to water it directly through the grid, whether for cleaning or tending to plants. It truly complements our existing collection by filling a unique niche.” adds Mattias Karlsson, Cofounder of Bebó Objects.

The mind behind the Grid shelf

Swedish designer Daniel Enoksson spent his formative years in a Stockholm suburb before embarking on his artistic journey, initially delving into sculpture, painting, and photography in the city. Later, he pursued formal design education at Beckmans School of Design. In his body of work, it’s evident that he straddles the boundary between design and the expansive realm of art.

Operating from his studio in Stockholm, Daniel employs a creative approach in every project, with a central objective of crafting enduring and timeless products for a market that undergoes constant transformation.


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