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Bebò Objects sustainable collection is made to be used in any space

Finding a gap in the market, Bebò Objects places itself as a sustainable brand with a collection of furniture and accessories to be used in both indoor and outdoor areas

Bebo Objects is a brand with a different approach on how its collection can be used, and how sustainability is approached. With only one year on the market, this brand is one to look for, as the creative minds behind it have decades of experience in the design world.

One of the innovative aspects about Bebo Objects (we already talked about them here) is that the brand is not defined by its style, but by the function of its designs: all furniture products and accessories that can be used both indoors and outdoors. Hence, by letting the objects have more areas of use, Bebo approaches sustainability as part of its DNA from what is produced, to which purpose, and how. 

In this Interview, DesignWanted had the distinct pleasure to interview Mattias Karlsson, one of the two founders of Bebo Objects. As part of the conversation, Mattias explained how the brand is in the process of testing all its products at RISE (Research Institutes of Sweden), and looking into getting all products to fulfill an EU Green Deal. 

Without a doubt, Bebo Objects is placing itself as a front-runner in the market with a unique offering, attracting customers from all over the world. This year, exhibiting for the first time on an international stage, Bebo Objects will be presenting its current collection as well as some new works at the upcoming Milan Design Week 2023.

Bebo Objects _ sustainable furniture collection
Solo chair and 3-seater

What is Bebo Objects? How did the journey for well-crafted furniture and interior details begin?  

Mattias Karlsson:

“Bebo Objects is a lifestyle brand with a different approach to both areas of use and sustainability. Actually, it started together with our investors with the ambition of an acquisition of an existing brand/company that we in some way could refine and develop with all the knowledge and experience we had collected during our years in the Scandinavian design industry. 

Fortunately, we didn´t find any. Therefore, on October the 1st 2020, we started the journey from a blank sheet of paper and here we are today after launching in mid-May last year (2022). Bebò by the way means inhabits in Swedish.”

Zola chair in red

Why Bebo Objects, why focusing on furniture products and accessories that can be used both indoors and outdoors?

Mattias Karlsson:

“We thought there was a gap in the market and it is quite obvious that many of the already existing brands figured that out as well. Many other interior brands now also focus on outdoor environments. 

We just want it to be part of our natural DNA and let the objects have more areas of use. That´s one angle of sustainability as well.”

Bebo Objects _ sustainable furniture collection
Solo chair

Starting in 2022 with a new brand must bring different challenges but also a new set of possibilities within the world of design. What has been the experience so far with Bebo Objects?

Mattias Karlsson:

“The biggest challenge has been to find suppliers and subcontractors that meet our demands on both quality and sustainability. 

One positive thing for us is that all the disruptive things, for example, pandemic, etc. in the world, have opened up opportunities for new brands and new impressions. 

People want new things and a fresh start.”

Webe multicolour

Your design philosophy is characterized by a passion for Nordic simplicity, seasoned with playful details and colors. The current collections are made with talented and diverse Nordic designers, is there a possibility for Bebo Objects to scout for international talent for new collections

Mattias Karlsson:

“Actually, our ambition is to not be a typical Scandinavian brand but at the same time, I understand that is the way we are recognized by the designers we work with and where we come from. 

On the other hand, we are so grateful for the collaborations we have had from the beginning. They are all amazing people that really put all their effort into this project. We are always striving to find new creative people that want to work with us in the future to build something even bigger. We want Bebò to be an international and functional brand that attracts designers from all over the world.”

Solo chair and Octi table

With curiosity and a vision of creating furniture and interior details that people will want to use outdoors as well as indoors, how would you define the style of the brand?

Mattias Karlsson:

“That is one of the most stimulating things about this project is that we have no heritage to take into account when it comes to which materials and style, only function. That is the reason that you in our new collection can see stainless steel, aluminium, cast iron, thermo-ash and so on. 

I think It´s hard to define the style of the brand but one thing I wish is that it communicates and attracts customers on the international design stage.”

Zola chair and Zed table

We couldn’t help but noticing that Bebo Objects use heat-treated ash instead of teak wood for outdoor pieces. What is your approach when using different materials?

Mattias Karlsson:

“I’m quite surprised that there were not many other brands that worked with thermo ash instead of teak, and other exotic wooden materials. Our approach to sustainability is more of how and of what it´s produced instead of where.

 We are right now looking into several types of sustainable materials but they are not easy to see through all the information which are the most environmentally friendly.”

Bebo Objects – living room

What is the role that sustainability plays in your company?

Mattias Karlsson:

“The role that sustainability plays for us is that we have to be transparent in everything we do. In every design business I´ve been at for the last three decades, none had sustainability high up on the internal agenda, while externally it was a top priority. I guess that is what you call greenwashing?

Right now, we are in the process of testing all products here in Sweden at RISE (Research Institutes of Sweden), and we are looking into getting all products to fulfil an EU Green Deal, that is getting closer. The decision to exclude every kind of offal was also an important step. Are leather and feather sustainable from an ethical point of view?”

Bebo Objects _ sustainable furniture collection
Zola chair and Zed table

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We are excited to see the Bebo Objects exhibition in the upcoming Milan Design Week 2023. What are your next steps?

Mattias Karlsson:

“We are so excited to show the existing collection and some new works as well for the first time on an international stage. I think the format will be appreciated by our visitors. Just to be able to exhibit in the city centre of Milan during Design Week says it all… words needed. 

The next steps in our journey are to find agents and dealers in several markets. Then, if everything turns out right maybe we will show up at ICFF in New York at the end of May.”


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