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Innovative litter robots for cat owners

Say goodbye to the unpleasant process of cleaning your four-legged friends’ litter boxes with these well-designed litter robots

Thanks to technology, pet appliances such as self-cleaning litter boxes have come a long way. If you befriend these innovative boxes, you can forget about all the hassle that comes with keeping a cat. WiFi-enabled and self-cleaning, these automated litter robots can look after your furry friend’s needs. Curious to learn more?

Keep on reading the article below, where we’ve rounded up our favorites.

1. The Circle Zero by PLUTO

A robot-activated smart liter box that takes care of your cat’s business – ‘Circle Zero’ by PLUTO will be a great addition to every pet owner’s home. With its elegant circular design, your cat can enjoy privacy while you can forget about the cleaning. This smart litter box has a patented scoop that filters out all waste and puts it into separate trash cans.

The automated process of the machine has several steps. The Circle Zero detects your cat’s entry and exit from the litter box using its sensors. Once your furry friend exits, the scoop rotates all the way to the bottom. The litter box then scoops and rakes waste on its own shortly after.

The Circle Zero by PLUTO - Innovative litter robots for cat owners
The Circle Zero by PLUTO / Innovative litter robots for cat owners

Another advantage of the smart design? It’s equipped with a Mugnloo Cat Health Monitor, which keeps tabs on your cat’s visits and stays in the box. In case there are possible health concerns you should know about, you’ll be informed.

2. Litter-Robot 4 by Whisker

Long gone are the days when cleaning out your cat’s litter box was an unpleasant task. With a box like Litter-Robot 4, your life is about to get much easier! The WiFi-enabled, automatic, and self-cleaning litter box can be operated via the Whisker app. Both the device and the software are gracefully designed to maximize comfort for cats of all sizes. 

When using Litter-Robot 4, you can eliminate odors that typically come from a litter box. That’s not just great for you – as you may already know, cats prefer a clean environment too.

Litter-Robot 4 by Whisker
Litter-Robot 4 by Whisker / Innovative litter robots for cat owners

What we like about this product is the fact it has its own sophisticated software, which follows and tracks the litter and waste drawer levels in real time. Not only that – through the box litter’s app, you can also monitor your kitty’s activity.

The creation of Whisker will be an excellent choice for households with several pets. While it’s compact in size, it can host up to 4 cats of any breed or size.

3. Leo’s Loo Too by Smarty Pear

Leo’s Loo Too by Smarty Pear is the latest automatic self-cleaning cat litter box in the Leo’s Loo series. So, what’s the upgrade? The newest addition allows you to use Google and Alexa voice controls, plus mobile app control is there to operate it. The triple-layer safety protection is quite useful too.

The innovative product also utilizes UV rays to kill bacteria. Once your furry friend has left the box, the machine will send UV rays into the waste drawer. This way, it will get thoroughly sterilized, and you won’t have to worry about bacteria, parasites, or viruses.

Despite the advanced technology, Leo’s Loo Too is surprisingly easy to use, thanks to its intuitive design.

Leo’s Loo Too by Smarty Pear
Leo’s Loo Too by Smarty Pear / Innovative litter robots for cat owners

4. iPet Smart Litter Box by HHOLOVE

At the basis of iPet Smart Litter Box is the understanding of cat-ergonomics. This fantastic product features an in-box sensing technology that uses a Passive Infrared Sensor to recognize when a cat has entered. If an error occurs, you’ll immediately receive a notification through the company’s mobile app.

Some litter robots are known to be quite noisy, but with HHOLOVE‘s box, you won’t have to worry about this particular issue. If it’s placed in your bedroom, you can turn on the ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode, which will pause auto-cleaning during the night. According to the company, the iPet Smart Litter Box will save you at least 125 minutes a month and 25 times cleaning. It sounds tempting, doesn’t it?

iPet Smart Litter Box by HHOLOVE
iPet Smart Litter Box by HHOLOVE / Innovative litter robots for cat owners

End notes

Automated litter boxes certainly make an irresistible promise – you can forget about scooping! These particular examples have improved significantly from their predecessors and guarantee a pleasant experience for both humans and cats. They are simple to clean, can remove unpleasant odors, feature straightforward user interference, and don’t frighten your furry friends – what else could you wish for?

With artificial intelligence and incorporated technology, they’ll work great even if you’re a thousand miles away.


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