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Pedestal’s take on TV stands is a design idea with legs

Danish interior brand Pedestal combines simplicity, functionality and aesthetic excellence with a playful touch.

Deeply rooted in the Scandinavian design tradition, Pedestal’s products reflect a commitment to quality and the sort of forward-thinking innovation that puts a smile on your face.

Pedestal’s approach combines materials, proportions and simple details to make TV stands adapt naturally into contemporary homes in a rather unexpected way. Most of their products have a leg-like look reminiscent of stickman drawings—a twist on the typically industrial and unoriginal design associated with TV stands. 

“Rather than trying to hide the construction of our designs, we make it visible and use it as a conscious aesthetic feature,” explains the brand. “Creating honest, versatile and functional designs, we find great inspiration in the industrial idiom of the twentieth century.” 

Each stand is united by this motto but don’t mistake this solidarity as uniformity. Pedestal ensures to offer its consumers every opportunity to find a TV stand unique to them including multiple different styles that range from tubular frames with curved lines and flat bracket-style designs with wheels for easy transportation. 

There’s also an extensive colour palette to choose from, which includes dusty pink, mushroom, snow-white, forest green and black. By adding a shelf to the TV floor stand, you can add a personal detail to the design. Give it extra edge and personality by adding a shelf in a different colour from the TV floor stand.

By avoiding the fixed solution of a television attached to the wall (Pedestal offers those options too), it creates new opportunities for the TV to become an active element in the room. Slimline stands work together perfectly with flat screen televisions to create the option of placing the TV in the middle of the room so that it serves as a natural, integrated room divider which can mark off and separate the TV area from a dining or office section.

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The TV stand reinvented

Pedestal’s TV floor stands come in simple, timeless designs, based on simple steel constructions that are solid enough to carry a screen up to 70”. It’s an incredibly simple and original idea that reinvents an old school product with contemporary effect.

The simplicity of the stands makes them easy to fit in with your personal style and needs,” says Pedestal. “With a TV floor stand your television arrangement takes up less space in the living room than it would with a classic TV unit.” This way, furnishing becomes more flexible and functional as the television becomes more of a movable element in the home when it is placed on a stand.

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