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Hang up your induction stovetop with Ordine

Lifestyles, along with cooking routines have become increasingly flexible. People demand more from their homes. And, many yearn for more bench space

Ordine induction stovetop by Fabita has two induction plates that can be flexibly positioned and then stored out of the way after use. They can be cleared away just like the dishes.

It represents a stylish and flexible cooking solution that keeps the kitchen benchtop free when not in use

With Ordine it is easier to use multiple large pots at once.

The freestyle placement ensures the pots can be arranged without being cramped together or bulky handles getting in the way.

Hang up your induction stovetop with Ordine
Ordine induction stovetop is designed by Fabita and Adriano Design well established Italy firms

The minds behind Ordine – Fabita and Adriano Design

Fabita is a well established Italy manufacturer specializing in induction cooking, vitroceramic hobs and exhaust hoods.

It is located in the central Italian region of Marche, in an industrial area focussed on household appliances.

Fabita exports the vast majority of its products and has renewed its image through collaboration with Adriano Design.

Founded in 1997, Adriano Design is led by two brothers Davide and Gabriele Adriano.

The firm has a reputation for reconceptualizing products and revitalizing brands.

Ordine is the first induction cooking plates that can be cleared away just like the dishes

The 50+ design patents their work has been granted attests to the firm’s drive to innovate.

They are based in Turin, Italy.

Adriano Design has developed new products for major international brands and partnered with small artisanal manufacturers.

They have designed products as diverse as: espresso coffee machines; foosball tables, including one entirely from crystal glass and aluminium; a stationary training bike; and a series of modular ceramic heating stoves.

Many also picked up prestigious awards – the Compasso d’Oro ADI and German iF Design Award among them.

Materials and techniques – Round induction cookers with control panel

Ordine has two round induction cooking plates and a central power control unit.

A metal wall bracket holds the control unit and is also used to hang the individual cooking plates.

Hang up your induction stovetop with Ordine
It’s composed by two induction plates with a single control unit

The Ordine Mono comes with just a single induction plate and control unit.

Each round induction plate is 257 x 257mm.

They are tethered to the control unit by a thick cable of fixed length.

Designing quality items and answering the request for a more flexible life is also the goal of Inga Sempé.

Each cooking plate puts out a maximum power of 1.8Kwh. Touch controls let the user select from 9 power levels.

Controls include a timer, pause and recall function, automatic shutdown, and child lock.

The design of Ordine induction stovetop is very minimal and comes in different colors variation

An alternative configuration is the Ordine Isola.

This island version features a timber holder.

The control unit again fits in the middle and the two induction plates rest upright in the timber console when not in use.

Style & aesthetics – An elegant and stylish induction cooktop

The concept is simple, and the execution of Ordine elegant.

The four feet around the induction plate coordinate with the strip at the top and give a slightly retro feel.

The beauty of Ordine is that its dimensions and configuration can be adjusted to suit.

Hang up your induction stovetop with Ordine
The design recall a slight retro feel that can suits any kitchen

The central control unit has clean lines, and the touch panel displays cooking settings vertically.

It can be seen without needing to stand right over it.

Ordine induction stovetop comes in a few different color options, which allow it to be tastefully placed within any kitchen.

Black glass paired with chrome gives a classic contemporary look. The all-white unit will suit light minimal interiors.

The third option is more natural with a timber touch panel and warm copper accents.

Thanks to the induction technology there is no heat generated in the cooking plate or burner

Induction cooking uses magnetic energy to heat the pot not the cooking plate

Induction cooking works through electromagnetic induction.

An alternating electric current is sent through a copper coil underneath the glass or ceramic surface. This creates a magnetic field.

When a ferrous metal cooking pot is placed above, the magnetic field induces an electrical current directly in the pot, and it heats up.

Unlike traditional electric or gas cooking, there is no heat generated in the cooking plate or burner, only in the pot itself.

Induction cooking heats up quickly and has very accurate temperature control. Adjustments between different heat settings are also instantaneous.

And, it is incredibly efficient as around 85-90% of the heat is used directly for cooking.

Hang up your induction stovetop with Ordine
The alternative configuration of the Ordine induction stovetop is called Ordine Isola and features a timber holder

Design memento – Deconstruction brings flexibility

A traditional, large fixed hob or stove is typically seen as an essential and central element of a kitchen. It designates a space as a kitchen.

In designing Ordine, none of this is taken for granted.

Instead, Ordine is a hob which is broken down into parts.

It is deconstructed and freed from restriction. The elements required for cooking are no longer fixed in relation to the countertop.

Ordine induction stovetop is the perfect solution for workspaces, hotel and every situations where cooking might not be required every day

Ordine induction stovetop frees space on work surfaces and allows users can create their own order.

It is not even restricted to a specific room. Ordine will effectively turn any area into a cooking station. But, only when and how it is needed.

The flexible design of Ordine won’t dominate a space plan. Beyond the kitchen, it is ideal for co-working spaces, hotels or B&B situations where cooking might not be required every day.

Hang up your induction stovetop with Ordine
Ordine can be paired with other Fabita’s elegant and flexible solutions

The writer’s comment – Flexible and stylish

Whilst portable hotplates already exist, they are typically temporary solutions and not designed to be set up as primary cooking appliances.

And, it may seem none are quite so stylish as Ordine.

However, as it turns out there is more than one way to deconstruct a kitchen.

Fabita also produces other elegant, flexible solutions.


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