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Gorgeous looks and incredible functionality: 4 modern coffee makers we adore

With gorgeous looks and incredible functionality, these four well-designed devices will make your morning ritual even more pleasing

For coffee lovers, the caffeinated beverage is more than just a drink. It’s a ritual. There is something special about preparing your morning coffee, and that starts with a smart coffee machine

Nowadays, they come in all shapes and sizes. You don’t have to compromise on good taste or beautiful looks – with modern coffee makers, you can have both. We’ve rounded up some of our favorites on the market. Let’s dive in!

1. Moon by Roee Ben Yehuda

Coffee makers have been around the block for more than a century. Since its invention, the electric appliance has changed quite a bit. In fact, in many homes, coffee makers serve as a statement object. 

The creation of Roee Ben Yehuda can be precisely that. His conceptual coffee maker Moon combines the steampunk aesthetic of traditional espresso makers with a compact shape and a quirky character.

As the designer explains, he’s always been fascinated by huge chrome machines that seem almost like a lab. So to create Moon, Yehuda used 3D modeling and quick-model tests in polyurethane foam. The result certainly is every minimalist’s dream.

Moon - 4 modern coffee makers
© Roee Ben Yehuda

2. BRUA by Newton Espresso

Simplicity, clarity, and beauty – the New Zealand-made manual espresso maker will be a stunning addition to any modern kitchen. The unique product was designed in response to the increased demand for specialty coffee-making equipment during the pandemic.

As people were forced to stay at home and local coffee houses had to be closed, the interest in making the delicious drink at home grew significantly. That’s when the idea for BRUA was born.

BRUA is geared towards user experience. The fabulous coffee machine is made using recyclable materials, which require a less labor-intensive assembly process. That, however, hasn’t taken away from the product’s quality and longevity.

Not only is BRUA impressive for its minimalistic aesthetic. The way it operates is quite amazing too. There is no need to disassemble the brew chamber for pre-heating or filling. With BRUA, making quality coffee is a less time-consuming task.

BRUA by Newton-Espresso - 4 modern coffee makers
© Newton Espresso

3. SCOPE by Joo Hwan Hong

When you first look at the SCOPE Brewer, it almost seems like it’s missing something. We are so used to huge coffee makers (often filled with unnecessary details) it’s hard to believe a brewer can offer all the important features and still look delicate.

Designed by Joo Hwan Hong, the all-in-one brewer includes several accessories that simplify the process of making drip coffee. With its temperature control, built-in grinder, and scale, you can ensure you make the perfect cup for your taste buds.

Thanks to its sleek look and great functionality, SCOPE received the 2020 Asia Design Prize. However, if you are hoping to get your hands on one, you’ll have to wait. There is still almost no information available on it, but one thing is for sure – the brewer is already on the wishlist of many coffee lovers. So let’s hope it’s soon available on the market.

© Joo Hwan Hong

4. Ratio Eight by Ratio

When it comes to coffee makers, The Ratio Eight ticks all the boxes. Designed in Portland, Oregon, it is the perfect combination of high-quality construction and precision brewing. What’s impressive, this striking coffee maker is assembled by hand. At the same time, it’s simple to use (with a one-button, to be precise).

The product is made of oyster-finished cast aluminum and has beautiful walnut accents. Together these elements create a stunning result that’s a treat for the eyes. Its carafe is worth mentioning, too – it is made of hand-blown glass. While many will argue that having a good coffee maker doesn’t guarantee you’ll make a delicious drink, we disagree. Ratio Eight will certainly make all the difference!

Ratio Eight
© Ratio

End notes

For millions of people all across the globe, the morning starts with a hot cup of coffee. There really is no denying coffee makers are among the most important electric appliances, yet many of them still lack beautiful aesthetics. These four examples, however, are designed with the smallest detail in mind. 

So don’t believe people who say you can’t judge a book by its cover. They just haven’t seen these coffee makers!


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