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Enjoy making your favorite brew with this dream product

Providing one with the ability to effortlessly create great tasting coffee from the comfort of their home – Newton Espresso launches BRUA.

Calling out to all coffee lovers, ‘BRUA’ by Newton Espresso is a New Zealand made manual espresso maker – seamlessly imbued with simplicity, clarity and consequent beauty geared towards user experience.

“Building on the success of the original Newton – BRUA is the second edition and a response to the surge in demand for specialty coffee making equipment during lockdown, filling the void created when local coffee houses were forced to close” says Hayden Maunsell and Alan Neilson, Design Directors. 

Retaining the iconic ‘Newton’ look and feel, it’s skillfully manufactured with recyclable materials employing a much less labor intensive assembly process without compromising on – quality, longevity and functionality. 

BRUA by Newton Espresso
© Newton Espresso

This object’s uniqueness lies not only in its minimalistic aesthetic but in the distinctive way that it operates, such as – the brew chamber fills with hot water as it gets drawn around the piston via the vacuum created as the handle is lifted. 

Its refined design makes this lifestyle products usability simplest in its class – without the need to disassemble the brew chamber for pre-heating or filling. 

Brilliantly based on interaction, communicating with the one on how to operate the product – “the knurled surface of the coffee basket holder immediately suggests to the user that it is to be gripped and turned” they add. 

Additionally, a tapered lip at the top of the cylinder visually describes exactly where to pour the hot water to fill the brew chamber. 

Further, the tactile material qualities of the warm wooden timber handle intuitively invites one to engage with this one-of-a-kind object. 

© Newton Espresso
BRUA by Newton Espresso
© Newton Espresso


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