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Pehmuste Design: a self-learned Finnish designer with a new concept in mind

The chair is minimal, but still super-comfortable. TheTable looks different from every angle.

Johannes Wesslin, founder and self-learned designer of Pehmuste Design has started designing a new conceptual product line.

In 2011, Pehmuste released it’s first designs such as Section, Lamplifier and Se7en.

All products were designed and handmade by Johannes Wesslin.

Now it’s time for a second round of cool and unexpected furniture pieces.

Form3 Lounge Chair

Form3 Lounge Chair is part of the Form-product line, minimal but still super-comfortable furnitures that can be used from cozy living rooms to formal office spaces.

Form3’s stainless steel body can also be completed with weatherproof textile cushions which allows it to be used outdoors.


The Table

Taking inspiration from beefy geometrical shapes has been the core for Pehmuste Design from the first design.

The Table continues on the same path.

Square shaped legs cross each other making The Table look different from every angle.

Pehmuste Design _ The Table

Table top is pierced with hexagonal structure making it look like a planet with faded side.

Holes can be plugged with clear acrylic.

Know more about the Studio here.

On DesignWanted, we often cover innovative furniture pieces since we believe that even the analogical approach can be smart and bring new perspectives to the design community.

We would love to hear your feedback and know what you think of these designs, in the below comments. Moreover, if you wish to share your project, feel free to contact us at any time!

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