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A captivating open-air cinema nestled in the charming Giardino di Alik

After its premiere in Barcelona, the groundbreaking phygital (physical and digital) platform named Terrasza, which focuses on outdoor design, will make an appearance at Milano Design Week, scheduled from April 15 to 21.

Following its inaugural event last October in Barcelona, where TERRASZA BCN 2023 launched a network of showrooms and events in partnership with notable brands like Artemide, Gandía Blasco, Nanimarquina, iSiMAR, Point, Agora, HOUE, Potocco, Cubiñá, and KSAR Living, TERRASZA is now expanding its collaborations to include various Italian and European brands for its Milan edition.

Situated in the scenic Giardino di Alik, home to the Centro Artistico Alik Cavaliere on via Edmondo de Amicis 17, TERRASZA MILAN 2024 is set in the dynamic core of Milan’s 5VIE district. This district, renowned for its rich blend of design and art, forms the ideal setting for the event.

TUBA by Samuel Wilkinson for Gandia Blasco _ Terrasza Milan 2024 - Giardino di Alik _ 5VIE
TUBA by Samuel Wilkinson for Gandia Blasco – Terrasza Milan 2024

The Terrasza exhibition will display the latest in outdoor furniture and accessories amidst the sculptures of a prominent contemporary art figure from the late 20th century, showcasing the sophisticated beauty of outdoor living spaces under the moonlight.

The exhibition’s design and arrangement are meticulously managed by architect Giovanni Rivolta from A4A Rivolta Savioni Architetti, guaranteeing that the products from various companies are harmoniously presented within the artistic ambiance. At the forthcoming event, several distinguished brands will unveil their latest innovations and collections.

Frozen catering counter by PLUST _ Terrasza Milan 2024 - Giardino di Alik _ 5VIE
Frozen catering counter by PLUST – Terrasza Milan 2024

Benkert Bänke, a revered German company with over 30 years of excellence in creating sustainable and visually appealing urban furniture, will display its award-winning Chalidor 800, a bench marvel designed by Gibillero Design’s founder, Antonio Mastrorilli. Italian brand Ca\Stil, celebrated for its minimalist and contemporary metal furniture, is set to debut six flagship collections that highlight its commitment to innovative design and craftsmanship.

Carola fra i Trulli introduces “La Casa Incantata,” a unique lifestyle collection of home fragrances and decorative items by Milanese architect Carola Altamura. The Gandía Blasco Group, with an 82-year Mediterranean legacy, showcases its evolution from yarn and blanket manufacturing to leading the design of furniture, outdoor environments, and contemporary rugs under its three brands: GANDIABLASCO, GAN, and DIABLA.

Brava lounge chair by Castil – Terrasza Milan 2024

Apulian brand Lorelux debuts Cloche, the first urban street lamp from its Contemporary Collection, made from recycled and recyclable plastic, designed by Alessandro Stabile under the art direction of Raffaella Mangiarotti. Magis re-introduces the Air-Chair by Jasper Morrison, now made entirely from recycled plastic, emphasizing sustainability. Novara Outdoor Kitchens presents its durable and customizable outdoor kitchens, equipped with Q-XTREM® technology, ideal for nautical environments.

Plust unveils the Boom collection, a testament to the versatility of plastic in outdoor furniture design, while Vajillas de Ultramar collaborates with fashion designer Josep Font for ‘La Vajilla’, a unique blend of art, haute couture, and ceramics.

Baga chair by Musola _ Terrasza Milan 2024 - Giardino di Alik _ 5VIE
Baga chair by Musola – Terrasza Milan 2024

Viscio Urban Design introduces the RecycALL photoluminescent bollards, multifunctional urban furniture that highlights sustainability and innovation, recognized by the ADI Design Index 2023 and nominated for the Compasso d’Oro 2024. These introductions reflect a broader industry trend towards sustainability, innovation, and the blending of traditional craftsmanship with contemporary design.

Set against the enchanting backdrop of the Giardino di Alik, an open-air cinema will be created by Terrasza (we talked about them here, too), featuring a range of outdoor seating options provided by various companies. This setup will complement the visual allure of terraces, gardens, and swimming pools.

Additionally, the FX film and animation school in Barcelona, renowned for its broad range of courses including a master’s degree in architectural visualization, is developing highly creative content that will be kept secret until April.


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