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This stunning piece of furniture captures and shares ethereal moments between the clouds and light

Mark Mitchell crafts an alluring Sunbeam Side Table sculpted from Botticino marble in collaboration with Serafini.

Known across the globe for his iconic sense of poetry, wanderlust and romance that he seamlessly infuses into products, spaces as well as experiences – UK-based Mark Mitchell crafts a minimalistic ‘Sunbeam Side Table’ skillfully sculpted from Botticino marble by artisans at Serafini. 

“Heaven has often been depicted as being in the clouds, that have this inherent mystery – always being just above us but out of reach.

Occasionally, when conditions are just right, sunlight spills through the clouds in all directions as if a sign from above.

In reality however – the sun is too far away to create angled sunbeams and the rays that reach us are pretty much parallel.

The reason they appear to radiate from a single gap in the clouds is due to perspective – this optical illusion makes this illuminating source of light seem a few kilometers above, rather than an incomprehensible 151 million kilometers away” says Mitchell. 

Deeply inspired by this breathtaking weather event – Mitchell designed a conceptual totemic product to capture and share ethereal moments between the clouds and light.

© Mark Mitchell

Capturing heavenly light and fabricated in Botticino marble, this eclectic piece of furniture is intricately carved to sustainably grip the spruce wood surface without the need for any adhesives at all. 

Its wooden fins brilliantly split light from an overhead spotlight – casting a radiating sunbeam pattern onto the angled marble face below.  

For me – design is more than looks. It’s about narrating a story and our line does just that by maximizing user experiences and memorability of one’s aura” Mitchell adds. 

© Mark Mitchell
© Mark Mitchell


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