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Hop on and travel back in time with this simplistic chair

Celebrating earth day everyday Sera Yanagisawa designs a sustainable plywood piece of furniture – 20201219.isu.

Right after graduating in Furniture Design from Musashino Art University, Tokyo-based designer Sera Yanagisawa skillfully crafts ‘20201219.isu’ – a sustainable chair. 

20201219.isu by Sera Yanagisawa
© Sera Yanagisawa

“During the initial stages of bringing this object to life I was simply drawn into researching primitive tools as well as construction methods used during the Stone Age” says Yanagisawa. 

Created without depleting natural resources – this neutral product fabricated from plywood embodies an understated Scandinavian aesthetic with quality craftsmanship.

Characterized by  a clean approach with a contemporary feel, it blends together minimalism and functionality.

Self-built with a flat pack conceptual design – this sleek piece of furniture is skillfully fixed by matching the circumference of each segment.  

© Sera Yanagisawa

Using the best of technology, this object was first brilliantly modeled in 3D and the pattern was then seamlessly traced onto plywood and bent. 

With great attention to intricate detailing and accurate measurements – both the parts of this product are effortlessly inserted together. 

Each piece features a pin fabricated out of stainless steel utilized to fixate the wooden pieces together – further increasing its strength and durability.

© Sera Yanagisawa

“This chair was initially a prototype for Kengo Kuma’s KAGU Design Competition – through which I was lucky enough to be selected by a factory in Hokkaido and today it is in the process of production” Yanagisawa adds.

The name of this project is however temporary since in his opinion there is still ample room left for improving its overall design and construction  – the process doesn’t stop.

20201219.isu by Sera Yanagisawa
© Sera Yanagisawa
© Sera Yanagisawa


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